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Life Lately #11

Friday, October 28, 2022

Unfortunately, we ended up sick after our Europe trip! It was awful. My doctor said it was just a terrible upper respiratory thing, but I also ended up with an ear and eye infection on top of it. I really can't remember a time being that sick in my entire life. While, we both felt terrible, it was actually kind of nice to be forced to chill at home for a week+ after traveling. I know our pugs loved having us on the couch!

Soup Recipes 

Soup was the only thing we could eat easily. Once I was feeling better, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen. Actually before we left, I made my first attempt at homemade chicken stock (I had a lot of the ingredients because of making the chicken salad recipe I shared a few weeks ago), so I made homemade chicken noodle with that homemade broth and it was incredible! I didn't really follow a recipe, so I don't have one to share. But, additionally, I tried a new to me recipe for chicken tortilla soup that was BOMB. It was so delicious, and I plan to make it frequently. 

Strange New Worlds

And since we had so much couch time, we watched a lot of TV. I have to say, I haven't really been 'into' any shows in a really long time! This Is Us was probably the last show I kept up with, and now that series is over. Mainly, we just rewatch our favorites. For example, we rewatched Person of Interest over the summer, and then just finished rewatching How I Met Your Mother. And lately, I've just been turning on Gilmore Girls. So, when we were sick, we were really desperate for something new. I signed up for Walmart+ recently because of grocery delivery, but realized that came with a Paramount Plus subscription. So we browsed what shows that has to offer, and were excited to see the newer Star Trek shows. (Also, I may or may not have rewatched Laguna Beach, haha) 

I am a medium Star Trek fan. I really liked The Next Generation, and enjoyed the Chris Pine movies. But, Blake is a much bigger fan, and especially likes the original series. We decided to watch Strange New Worlds and it's SO good. I LOVED it. It's got all the fun hijinx of Star Trek, but it's filmed so modernly and bright. All the characters are so great too. 

Savannah Half Marathon

Alright, let's talk running. Admittedly, I haven't being running. I got really burnt out on it. Plus, running in Florida during the summer is basically torture. My sister signed up for the Savannah Half Marathon in April, and when she told me about it on the phone I just signed up spontaneously. We trained together and ran a half marathon in 2020 and I just can't let her run one without me! It's too hard to go that far without a buddy. So I can't believe it, but I'm running another one. That being said, I really need to start running again. 😂

Ghost 15s

I usually get about a year with my running shoes, and here we are again needing a new pair! I'm very loyal to my Brooks. They've been such a great shoe, this next pair will be my 4th set! Signing up for a race made me realize just how worn my shoes are. The Ghost 15 is coming out this week, so I have my eye on one of the colorways. However, because the new version is coming out, the 14s are on I'm debating. Which color do you like better? I won't say which is which until you click the link to see. Comment below to vote!! I need your help 😊

Little Boy Clothes

My nephews were in need of some cool weather clothes so I did a little shopping for them. Shopping for the 4 year old was significantly more fun than for the 8 year old. Apparently this specific 8 year old boy only wants to wear gym clothes to school and refuses anything else. But I had a lot of fun picking these out for them, figures crossed they fit! 

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Walmart Sweater

Did you know there are a few Instagram accounts out there for alerting you when actually cute stuff is for sale at Walmart? I purposefully try not to follow them because they tempt to buy things I probably don't need. But, I did start seeing a line of clothing pop up here and there called Free Assembly. It's definitely a 'higher' end line. Sometimes though, those Instagram accounts show really cute stuff that I'd never see at my own Walmart. Well, when I was there this week for groceries, what do you know? There were a few racks of Free Assembly. Some of it is way too trendy for me, but when I saw this sweater....I just had to have it. Love the colors and quality. I actually had picked out another top but they were sold out of my size, so I'll be ordering it. 

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And, let me know if you'd like me to talk about Walmart+ and whether or not the membership is worth it! I do have a referral link that gets you $20 to spend. 


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