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Thursday, October 6, 2022

One of my favorite things to share are new favorite things! Here's a couple things I've purchased in the last month, and thought were worth sharing!

Kate Spade Crossbody & Rothy's Drivers in Burgundy 

These two purchases were fun splurges for me, all in preparation for our upcoming Europe trip! This crossbody is just the right size to fit my phone, passport, and other essentials. I also wanted some comfy walking shoes, and because I love my Rothy's flats so much, I took a chance and ordered a pair of The Driver style. So cute and I feel kinda obsessed that these two items coordinate so well. 

Rothy's are great because they are washable. Plus, these will be easy slip on and off at the airport. If you need a coupon for a pair of your own, head over to the Coupons for You tab here on the blog and you can find a discount code! 

Plus! Don't forget to activate Rakuten if you shop the Kate Spade Surprise website. Not only is the Surprise Sale website my secret to great discounts on bags, but they also almost always have cash back with Rakuten. 

Kate Spade Burgundy Crossbody | Rothy's Drivers

Silicone Popcorn Maker

An absolute favorite snack of mine is popcorn! Is there anything better than watching a movie with buttery popcorn? Yes, it's buttery popcorn, with m&ms tossed in. 😋I found this great silicone popcorn maker for the microwave that works so well! Love it and highly recommend. 

Silicone Popcorn Maker

Barre Grippy Socks

Recently, I mentioned that I've really been enjoying the Peloton barre classes. Usually with barre classes, the teacher recommends wearing grippy socks. I found a set of grippy socks on Amazon that are the cutest thing ever! They look like little ballet slippers. Love them and I think it adds to the experience. 

Barre Ballet Grip Socks | Peloton Barre Classes

Soundcore Bluetooth Earbuds

Okay, I can't be the only one with weird ears that don't work with ear buds. I've tried dozens! Still, I really wanted to get a pair of ear buds to keep in my purse or for those times when over the ear headphones aren't practical. Blake and I have several Soundcore products and we love them all. So, I thought I'd give these a try. They are great! Fortunately, these come with a few different sizes of ear grip things and so they end up fitting really well! I'm not sure I could run with them, but they work really well for what I wanted them for. Again, these will be great for our upcoming trip!

Soundcore Bluetooth Earbuds | Airpod Dupe

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