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Favorite Nail Polishes

Thursday, April 28, 2016

I'm definitely a brand loyalist. Once I find something I like, there is very little deviation. That's for sure the case with Essie nail polishes. It's not just that they have cute little white handles, I genuinely think they go on easier and I love their color selection! 

When I lived at home and had a paycheck to burn I would routinely get my nails done at a salon every 2 weeks. Gone are those days because with marriage came a budget tightening. At first I really had zero nail painting abilities, but gradually got better and now I think I do a pretty good job! On my own nails anyway, I have a feeling I'd do terribly on someone else's. 

An unexpected bonus of my budget tightening do-it-yourself manicures, was learning that keeping my nails painted keeps me from biting my fingernails! It's easy to talk yourself out of chewing on them when you worked so hard to paint them, and wanting your paint job to last a long time. 

I'm completely obsessed with Essie, and that's the majority of what I own. With the last bottle I purchased, I had to expand my storage to two acrylic bins instead of one. Bittersweet for me actually. I love having a nice collection and plenty to choose from, but it totally meant a reorganization of my medicine cabinet to store it. 

Here's how I keep my collection tidy: 

I found these 2 acrylic organizers at Walmart, and I think they were meant for a drawer, but they are perfect for our not-that-deep medicine cabinet. I had about 18 polishes before I outgrew just one. 
And now for my current favorites! I love all of my colors, but these are the ones I have been grabbing more of lately. 

one// Fiji
Fiji is an awesome light pink, but it's still a very bright color. Great for both spring and summer. Light colors like this make me feel a little bit more tan!

Petal Pushers was Essie's color of the month in December (or maybe January?) and I hadn't seen it before then. It's such a great blue-gray and I think it's still a good color for spring. I was wearing it the other day when my friend Ashley complimented it, she said she had been looking for a similar color after she saw it on Pinterest. I had her pull up the picture and sure enough it was Petal Pushers! She was first of all amazed that I knew it before I read the caption and secondly really excited that she could borrow it from me anytime.

This has been a favorite lately too. Cute As A Button is a bright coral color, but also not fluorescent. I feel like this color goes great with everything both spring and summer.

Four// Gel Setter
Ok, so this isn't a color, but it's my favorite on this list! I swear by Gel-Setter. It's a super thick top coat that makes your regular polish into a gel manicure. It makes your nails shiny and chip resistant. I'm incredibly tough on my nails, and I even hand wash our dishes. I get atleast a week of chip freeness when I use this top opposed to maybe 2 days without it.

I'm currently on a nail polish buying freeze until I use up a bottle or two. A girl can only use so many colors...I justify it by thinking about how much money I save by doing my own manicures. At a salon a regular polish manicure can be anywhere from $10-20. Each Essie polish is about $8, and contains countless manicures and pedicures...right?! Yeah, Blake didn't buy it either. 

Leave me a comment: Tell me your favorite nail polish brands and colors! Are you a brand loyalist? Do you do your own nails, or do you splurge and go to a salon? 

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