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Adding a sweet little pug to your family will be one of the greatest joys and incredible adventures that you could have. Those head tilts with melt your heart everyday, and their clownish personalities will be a source of endless entertainment. Delly has been such a fun addition to our family, and we've learned a lot along the way! It's hard to remember when she looked like this! (In true pug fashion, she is snoring at my feet right now.)

Because Pugs & Pearls is a little haven for pug people, I have received many, many questions about adding a pug to the family! Pug people are the best people, by the way. Welcome all of you! (Find more Pug Posts here!) So, you're getting a pug! Now what?!

Here's What You'll Need:

A Harness// Pugs cannot use regular collars. A harness is the way to go! I wrote an entire post on my favorite brand of harness. Not only is it better for their necks, but you get better control when going for walks. I don't have any preferences on leashes-we just use your standard non retractable one. Don't forget an ID tag! Those jingles will help you keep track of your little guy.

Baby Wipes// Pugs have some crazy deep wrinkles that get all kinds of crud in there. Unscented baby wipes really help keep their faces clean and stench-free. 

Deshedding Brush// Pugs are also big time shedders. In fact, we keep a lint roller right by the door, #puglife. A deshedding brush is awesome for keeping the dog hair at bay. You can use it as often as you'd like, but we find that brushing about every 2-3 days makes a huge difference. 

Something to Chew On// Those puppy teeth are no joke! Delly likes Nylabones, but I've read mixed opinions about their safety. Either way give them something to chew on that isn't your shoe. We lost a keyboard at work because of her! I brought little Delly with me to the office, thought she was sleeping and instead she was chewing on the USB cord...whoops! We've also had great success with stuffingless toys that you can find at any pet shop. 

Bowls// A puppy needs short and shallow bowls, so keep that in mind when you are shopping. We've had the best success with glass bowls. We did use metal bowls for awhile but we found that Delly's chin would break out a lot because of them. The vet suggested switching to glass and we haven't had a problem since. 

*Ask your vet about food and medicines! They'll be able to recommend your best options. 

Notes on Training:

Crate// Crate training was the best choice for us. If you are getting a puppy make sure to get a small crate or one that can be sectioned off. When potty training the crate will be your best friend. Put them in there when you can't watch them like a hawk. Don't punish them by putting them in their crate either. You want them to feel at home in there, not like it's puppy jail. 

Tricks// Teaching tricks on your own just takes a lot of patience and treats! Give them command words and just repeatedly practice. Pugs are very food motivated, so treats and praise are a great incentive. Delly knows: sit, stay, lay down, 'up', get in your kennel, and 'where's your bone?' (toy). Pugs are so smart, and they'll pick it up pretty quick. But, they also won't obey if they don't feel like it! 

Potty Training// There are a lot of methods out there. Here's what we did: We started taking Delly out every hour on the hour for a week. We came up with a command, in her case "Go Pee!". We'd stay outside as long as possible and reward her as soon as she went. Training treats are perfect for this, and we would keep a couple in our pocket. It's important to take them out pretty soon after meals, drinking or vigorous play. After a week we'd change it to every two hours, and then 3...etc. It was incredibly time consuming! Especially at night. Ugh, I don't miss those days! But it worked! It probably took about 6 months to be accident free. I think it would have been sooner but we slipped up a few times and waited to long to take her out. If we couldn't watch her, she was in her crate. Oh, if you catch them starting to go inside-startle them so they stop, and immediately take them outside. It's all about a routine and reinforcement. 

Attention// That sweet baby is going to miss their mommies and littermates, so make sure you give them tons of love and attention. This part is easy to do because you will be obsessed with them anyway. Our breeder gave us a towel that had the scent of Delly's litter on it, and we made sure she got to cuddle with that a lot at first. You will quickly become their family, so don't worry too much about that. 

Leave me a comment: Are you getting a pug?! Tell me all about them! What questions do you have about pugs or pug puppies? 

So You're Getting A Pug!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

one// I recently won an Instagram giveaway, and because of that I've been entering every contest I come across. Here's a great one from Disney! You can enter once a day for a trip to New York, A Bahamian Cruise or a trip to Aulani in Hawaii! Obviously hoping to win the trip to Aulani...Totally dreaming, but hey wouldn't it be awesome to win!?

two// This week I signed up for Jackie's (of Jade and Oak) Part Time Blogger's Email Course. She is super helpful with the legal side of blogging and I'm really enjoying her free course. I can already tell i've got a bit to work on. You other bloggers out there should sign up too! 

three// Had a little fun this week documenting my outfits. I was experimenting because I find it so difficult to get 'official' outfit photos. Life is too hectic for a photoshoot sometimes. I think I will keep this up and either share weekly or in one big post! 
Anyway, I obviously didn't take a picture everyday like I meant to! Started the week off in scarves and then ended in a summer dress. Florida, you're weird. 

four// Blake planned a spontaneous date night on Thursday including tickets to see Batman V Superman. I have to say heading to the theater I was not looking forward to this movie. I had such a long day and I all I wanted to do was go home and get in bed! The movie like like 3 hours long or something like that, so I was so scared I was going to fall asleep. Blake is a huge Superman fan, so I wanted to share in his excitement. I have a few issues with the movie, but overall it was really good. Far better than all the reviews make it out to be. 

five// Here is your weekly Delly! We were sitting around our firepit, and I looked over and saw this adorableness! Delly and my nephew Carter were sitting on the steps being so stinkin' cute. They get along really good and Dell loves following those little people around. 

Looks like a rainy weekend for us! Enjoy yours!

Friday Five

Friday, March 25, 2016

I talk about my husband Blake constantly here on my blog, mostly because I'm basically obsessed with him. He is such a huge part of my life, so he's going to come up in conversation a time or two! I thought it was time I'd introduce him to you with a fun little interview! A few months back a few other bloggers did the "So I Married A Blogger" questionnaire with their guys, and I thought that would be fun to try-with a few extra questions thrown in! I had so much fun reading this, and I hope you do too!

This is Blake! 
Blake is 32 years old. He was born in New Jersey and moved to Florida when he was 9. He started at University of Florida but graduated from Santa Fe with a Associate of Science Networking Service Technology degree in 2005. That means he's an IT guy. He is still a big Gator fan even though the school wasn't for him. He's the smartest person I have ever met. The guy can remember facts and stats like no one else-definitely someone you'd want with you on a gameshow! He's really laid back and has a great sense of humor. He is also incredibly stubborn! Blake is also pretty quiet and that's why I emailed him this interview-he says more virtually than I would ever get out of him in person! 

How often do you read my blog?
Almost never. (Laughs) That sounds bad, doesn't it? But there's really nothing your blog about that I didn't either experience with you, or hear about from you shortly after, so I don't really feel compelled to read it.

How involved are you in my blogging process?
Not much; really I just take outfit pictures for you, which I don't enjoy because you're a much better photographer than I am, so you're very picky about your shots. Other than that, the only thing I do is occasionally read over a post before you finalize it. That's when I start pointing out grammatical or syntactical mistakes, and you tell me to leave the room (laughs).

How much time would you say I spend blogging?
Not a lot. Maybe 3 hours a week. At least that's how much time you spend blogging when I'm around.

What do you like and dislike about me being a blogger?
I like that it gives you another outlet for your creativity, and that quite a few people have found useful things on it; that's pretty cool I think. I dislike having to take pictures (laughs).

If you started a blog, what would you write about?
Lots of nerd-related things (laughs). Computers, comics, Star Wars, Star Trek, basically anything with the word 'Star' in it, video games, movies; things like that. I've often thought it would be fun to review movies and video games, especially since I love watching REALLY bad movies and making fun of them MST3K-style. If you don't know what MST3K stands for, please read my imaginary blog.

How do you feel about taking my outfit photos?
I haven't conveyed my feelings sufficiently on this subject (laughs)?

Describe my style!

Describe your style!
Preppy with a hint of nerdy

How many pairs of shoes do you think I own?
100? (LAUGHS) But seriously, probably close to 25.

If you could change anything about the clothes I wear, what would you change?
I don't really think there's anything I'd want to change. You dress pretty good so......(laughs)

What is your favorite outfit to see me in? 
Jeans and a t-shirt. I'm a simple man.

How do you feel about how often I change up our decor?
... I'm definitely an "if it's not broke, don't fix it" kind of person so changing up things around the house just for the sake of changing gets on my nerves. However, it usually looks better when you're done, so I won't complain too much.

What would you change about our house?
Definitely the electrical wiring (LAUGHS). That and remodeling the kitchen (new cabinets, knocking down the wall between it and the dining room especially).

What would you change about our home's decor?
Does the kitchen remodel count? Other than that, it would be nice if we could do actual hardwood floors instead of vinyl plank.

What's your favorite room in our house?
Different ones for different reasons. The office, because it's nerd-vana; the living room, because we have a great entertainment setup; and our bedroom, because it's comfortable.

What is one project you've been putting off?
Easy, guest bathroom remodel (laughs). I know you love hearing me say that.

How do you feel about pugs?
Pugs are the single greatest animal in the animal kingdom. Period. Anyone who says otherwise is an insane person.

If you could have more pugs, how many would be too many?
I think 3 would be too many. Actually, 2 would be difficult to handle. The hair alone would clog the vacuum cleaner and lint trap!

What is your favorite thing about having a pug?
Having this little animal that's always excited to see you, even when you just went outside for a second, that always wants to with you, by you, or on you, it's really endearing. And the head tilts. And their tongues and teeth always sticking out of their mouths.

And your least favorite?
Hair shedding and anal gland seepage.

Lastly, what is one thing that most people don't know about me, that I wouldn't be too embarrassed to share?
This sounds like a loaded question that's going to get me in trouble (laughs). I guess I'd say that you really want to live in a giant tree-house, Swiss Family Robinson style.

Just for fun, I had to share this picture of Blake and his sister! I love it!!

Leave me a comment: Did you enjoy that interview? Did you also find the (insert laughs here) as funny as I did?? & It's pretty obvious he hates taking my outfit pictures, right?!

So I Married A Blogger - Husband Interview

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

It's the first day of spring! It's actually been pretty springy all month here in North Florida. I've totally conquered spring cleaning and already moved my winter stuff out of the closet. We've got a bit left to do in the yard though and that's driving me crazy. I've mowed and trimmed back a lot of the dead bushes and tree limbs. All that's left are our flower beds. Kind of holding out there because we have these 2 gorgeous oak trees on one half of our property, and every spring they drop every single leaf. It's a complete waste of time to do anything until that's over. Hopefully next weekend! 

Meanwhile I have two traditions inside that I do each spring and fall. In the fall I get one of those cinnamon brooms to make the house smell like the season! In the spring it's only right to get a boquet of the sunniest and most colorful flowers. A hobby that I've always been interested in trying is flower arranging. Right now I'm a total novice and I get my flowers from the grocery store. I got this book to try to help change that! 

The Flower Workshop is a gorgeous book that walks you through every single step of flower arranging. From how and where to buy flowers to picking a color scheme. I love the index in the back as well as the chart on which season each flower is from. Sunflowers are a fall flower...whoops! 

The pictures in this book are so pretty and inspiring. The best part is that flower arranging just seems to be a lot of playing around and experimenting-which is perfect for me! I can't follow a recipe or instructions for anything. I get too creative and end up messing things up. Just ask Blake about making cookies yesterday. 

Happy spring everyone! 

Leave me a comment: What is the first thing you do when the weather starts getting warmer? Have you finished your spring cleaning yet? What hobby have you always wanted to try? Are you more of a grocery store flower person or a farmer's market kind? 

This book was sent to me for free through Blogging for Books and this post contains affiliate links.

The Flower Workshop

Sunday, March 20, 2016

one// We did the Bring Sally Up squat challenge at the gym on Tuesday and the song has been stuck in my head all week! This is a super fun and challenging work out. We did it first with squats, and then again later with push ups! My buns were on fire!

two// It's Ipsy bag time! The make up bag is so cute this month. In my glam bag I got: Beau Gachis Eyeshadow brush, Marc Anthony Argan Oil Blow Dry Cream, Be A Bombshell Bronzer, Ofra Eyeliner, and A NYX Cream Lipstick. I'm most excited about the bronzer and least excited about the eyeliner-it's a weird green color. 

three// Easily the most excited I have felt all week!! I've been Fitbit-less for months, ever since I lost my Flex tracker. I wanted to upgrade anyways, and after much research I went with the Fitbit Charge HR. I liked the new Alta a lot, but having a heart rate monitor was important to me. Very excited to track my workouts and get back into the 10,000 step routine! 

four// I had a major shopping win this week! My sister and I went hunting for a springy dress to wear to a few special occasions in the next month. I had high hopes, but after 3 stores I was still empty handed. I was so bummed because even my backup dress didn't work. Amy randomly mentioned checking Penny's and I wasn't all that enthused about it. I never really have much success there. But, we went in anyway and right away I found 4 dresses to try on. I liked this one the best and it fit like a glove. The best part, though, was how much I snagged it for. Originally $86, it was/is on sale for $49. Plus we found a retailmenot coupon for $20 off and I found out at the register that I had $20 in rewards!! I walked out with this dress and a dress shirt for Blake for $15. I'm so proud. Okay and their website picture does not do this dress justice. 

five// And here is your weekly Delly!! She is so stinky right now and we've got a bath scheduled for this evening. I snapped this picture when she was stalking my apple slices. 

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend! It's supposed to be rainy around here which sort of throws off my plans, but I'm determined to be productive and enjoy it! 

Friday Five

Friday, March 18, 2016

From Amazon: Driving home after being kicked out of college, Tucker meets and picks up the mysterious Corinne Chang at a rest stop. Infatuated, and with nothing better to do, he ends up with her in St. Louis, where he gets a job as a chef in a Chinese restaurant. Even though he’s a gwai lo—a foreign devil—his cooking skills impress the Chinese patrons of the restaurant, and his wooing skills impress Corinne when she joins him there as a waitress. But when Chinese gangsters show up demanding diamonds they believe Tucker’s kind-of, sort-of, don’t-call-her-a-girlfriend stole, he and his friends—which luckily include a couple of FBI agents—have to figure out just who is gunning for Corinne and how to stop them. Good thing Tucker is a Mandarin-speaking martial arts master who isn’t afraid to throw the first punch.

What I Didn't Like:
I honestly can't really think of anything I didn't like about this book. Tucker does seem to be really amazing at everything he does, which may seem a little unrealistic. And the author probably just wrote this to show off his knowledge of Chinese culture.  

What I Liked: 
I loved the voice of this book. The dialogue is great. Tucker is hilarious and I laughed out loud a lot. This is such a light and enjoyable read. & The title says it all! There is a lot of Chinese cooking and Diamond thieving. It wasn't deep or profound, just a fun story!

Overall Rating: 
5 out of 5 Stars (1: hated it, 2: didn't like it, 3: liked it, 4:liked it, 5: loved it)
I am so happy to finally have a 5/5 book to share with you! I've been reading a lot of 'just okay' books lately. This was such an enjoyable story. 

Leave me a comment: What's next on your to-read list?

Book Club: Chinese Cooking for Diamond Thieves

Monday, March 14, 2016

one// I have had literally 4000 things on my mind this week and I am actually really proud with how I've been dealing. My usual tendency is to just shut down completely, but I have totally fought that off somehow. My coworker had me laughing on Wednesday, when I asked him how many times I had audibly sighed and he politely denied me the actual number-but he totally knew. 

two// Have any of you tried Stylebook? I had no idea it existed until I read this blog post. I LOVE this idea and I am seriously contemplating trying it. After pulling out all of my summery clothing I was floored by just how many clothes I own. I really want to scale back and be more intentional with my wardrobe. 

three// How cute is this print from Lauren Taylor!? I love her work, and I am so happy to see a pug print. 

four// Super in love with these pens by Stabilo! My sister-in-law got me a set originally for my adult coloring book, but I love using these for my planner. SUCH great colors and the fine point is awesome. I have a crazy love of office supplies!! 

five// In Monday's post I talked about how happy new workout clothes make me! Going to 4 classes a week means a lot of extra fitness apparel in the laundry. I love my new Yoga Outlet leggings, but I was also happy to pick up 2 new outfits at Walmart this week! Gym Hair, Don't Care is my life right now. Also excited to try these shorts too-they've got the compression shorts underneath, which I think will make for a more functional and modest short. 

I got a surprise day off today, so I know it's going to be a great weekend!
OH! and I set up a Twitter account this week for Pugs and Pearls! Feel free to follow!

Friday Five

Friday, March 11, 2016

Lately, anytime I'm in the car or cleaning up around the house I'm listening to an audiobook or a podcast rather than music. I love audiobooks, but sometimes you just want to zone out and not have to focus on a story. I've got a few playlists going - one for the car, one for non-offensive background music, one for Disney songs...but here is my Spring 2016 playlist! (You can find my previous playlists here!

*Disclaimer: I much prefer the radio version of Cake By The Ocean. Spotify doesn't have the clean version, so cover your ears, haha. 

Enjoy! & Tell me what you're listening to! 

Spring 2016 Playlist

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

White Tee Shirt: JCP
Coral Monogrammed Hat: Marley Lilly
Navy Gym Bag: Thirty One

When I first started my fitness journey I was working out in my own living room and it really didn't matter what I wore. Now that I've been going to group fitness classes at a gym, I've really had to step up my workout gear game. I've also really started noticing what other ladies in my classes are wearing. It seems to be 1 of 2 extremes: either black leggings or crazy loud patterned ones. I feel somewhere in the middle. I don't want to only wear black (although black is very flattering) but I'm also not really brave enough to pull off some of the bolder patterns. 

I hit the jackpot with these yoga pants! Navy, like black, goes with everything! These are the softest and most comfortable pair of leggings I have ever put on. I could really live in this outfit! I'm also really happy with my gym bag, it's perfect for bringing a change of clothes and holding a lot of water bottles. It's probably just a mindset, but I totally feel better about my workouts when I like my outfit. 

Leave me a comment: Are you more of a black legging person or are you confident in those crazy patterns? 

Navy Workout Gear

Monday, March 7, 2016

one// Blake and I had such an amazing anniversary weekend!! Andddd I didn't take a single picture! We had an awesome family dinner at Bonefish. If you go anytime soon you have to get the Hawaiian Martini. Or the Grapefruit Martini-both really delicious! I went through a few things this week and found my stack of love letters from our dating days. Oh my goodness, they are so cheesy and wonderful! 

two// I was so excited to watch Fuller House on Netflix! I LOVED Full House growing up, so it's mostly a nostalgic excitement. I'm about halfway through the new season, and it's so cute. Really cheesy, but cute! They've included a lot of throwbacks and inside jokes, oh and lots of shade toward MK & A for not participating. & I just saw that Netflix renewed it for a season 2! {this is a really cool article with lots of pictures of how the Full House house has changed from the pilot}

three// Spring has totally hit North Florida! There are tons of blooms everywhere and they make me so happy. I have a Japanese Magnolia in our backyard that has the prettiest pink flowers budding out right now. I'm just itching to get out in the yard and starting pulling weeds and trimming trees. 

four// Blake and I could barely contain our excitement on Thursday, because Moe's opened up right near us! We both made it over there for lunch..and maybe went back for dinner! We love love love Moe's and it is such a small town win. 

five// I found this article so interesting! All week I have been craving kalamata olives. That article suggested that craving salty foods might mean increased stress hormones, or chloride deficiency. Not only was I incredibly stressed out this week, but I was also craving the olives after my workouts, and you lose chloride through sweat! The human body is so amazing. 

I hope everyone has an awesome Friday and a great weekend!

Friday Five

Friday, March 4, 2016

My friend and I were flipping through a few listings on trying to find a place to fit her needs. Admittedly, I'm super nosey, so I LOVE looking at other people's houses. It's fascinating to me. Looking at houses with her was really fun, but man, I was having such a hard time looking at some of those listings. Why? The majority of the photos were horribly, terribly bad. Just one example was a shot of a living room, complete with a very elderly couple staring straight into the camera. Not kidding!

Like a chiropractor looking at someone with poor posture, or Stacy and Clinton looking at someone in a terrible outfit I could not contain my irritation! I've worked in a Real Estate office for the last ten years, and my absolute favorite part of my job is getting to take listing photos and making flyers to advertise homes. It's so fun and I get to be a little bit creative in my desk job. 

Some Realtors will hire a photographer for their listings. You'll see that a lot in bigger cities and in higher price ranges. But, working in a Real Estate office, I've seen my fair share of bad pictures. Many Agents take the pictures themselves, and sometimes even with their cell phones. Bad photos can mislead and can make your home unappealing to a potential buyer. They could love your house in person, but the pictures could stop them from even asking to see it. (Of course, some Realtors or Agents may be extremely talented at taking pictures! You can always ask to see examples of their other Listings to find out.)

My photography skills are limited and what I know I've picked up along the way. Mostly from blogging! Hiring a professional is truly your best option, and I think it's totally worth the initial investment. If that's not in your budget, here are a few tips to help you take your own listing pictures. I have a Canon Rebel T3, but these tips will work with your point and shoot!

I could do, and maybe will do, an entire post on staging. Your Realtor will give you some great tips on how to improve your curb appeal and what needs touch up paint. Give your house a good cleaning before you take your pictures. Use Windex to shine up your fixtures and put everything away (under the bed or in the car!). Declutter the best you can. Clear off surfaces, if not completely, to the minimum. Close drawers and toilet seat lids. Park your car somewhere else and close the garage door. You want people to look at your house, not your stuff. 

You know that elderly couple I mentioned before? In the photo of their bedroom you could see stacks of adult diapers and extra oxygen tanks. (Poor people!) It completely distracted us from looking at the room. You don't have to remove all of your personal items or even your photos. In fact some people want to know who lives in the house! But, the fewer personal items the more the room stands out.

Here is an example of a nicely staged Dining room. It isn't completely bare, but the family removed a lot of what was originally in the room. They took out a dog crate, bowls and a garbage can which left the room looking functional and open. 

Turn on every light in your house! Open up all the blinds and curtains too. Light can completely transform a room. When you are shooting straight at a window, you will probably need to adjust your camera settings or slightly close the blinds to avoid a white out like in the picture above. (or take your photos early in the day when the light isn't as bright) Don't take your photos at night!
I also use this camera light in darker rooms to help brighten them up. 

Here is an example of turning on all the lights. This house was on a very shaded property, and with only a few windows. Turning on every single light really helped highlight otherwise darker rooms.

This is where you get to experiment. The angle at which you take your photo is crucial. You need to convey how large the room is and sometimes make it appear larger than it actually is. The best way to do this is to stand in the doorway, which will give you the largest and most complete view of the room. Each room may need to be photographed differently. 
For example:
I wish I could show you how deep I was in the corner of this room! I was as far back as I could go and even held the camera back behind my ear! Shooting with the camera horizontal will help you when it comes capturing as much of the room as possible (when a wide angle lens isn't an option for you.).

You will want to shoot vertically to highlight ceiling height or a small bathroom. I have a horizontal angle of this entryway to show how it connects to the next room, but I wanted to be sure that potential buyers could see the great vaulted ceilings, so I shot vertically as well.

At 5'6'' I'm not exactly short, but sometimes you do yourself a disservice when you take pictures at eye level. Here are two examples of photos I've taken standing on a step ladder. In the bathroom I wanted to showcase the gorgeous sink and tile (that toilet paper really bothers me now though!) and in the dining room I really wanted to show off the openness. Shooting at eye level is fine, but getting a little higher can really help showcase features your house. 

You may need to squat down lower too! In the following pictures I got really low to the ground to show off the details of these bathrooms. 

General Tips
- Take several pictures at many different angles. The more pictures you take, the more you'll have to choose from. 

- Highlight your home's features. If you have gorgeous hardwood floors, make sure you can see them in your pictures! One house we listed last year had some amazing mature citrus trees in the backyard. It wasn't granite countertops, or stainless appliances, but a selling feature for sure!

- Watch for your reflection! Shooting a bathroom with a large mirror can be challenging, but if I see you in the picture I'm not looking at the room. 

- Cloudy days make for great photos of your home's exterior! It's awesome bright lighting, without the sun's glare or shadows.

- Give a room context. Don't shoot pictures of blank walls. The person will have no idea what they are looking at, or where it is in your home. If two rooms connect, let that reflect in the photos. Show how your floor plan flows. This is where taking several pictures of a room at different angles comes in.

- When taking pictures of your home's exterior, fill the frame with your house. While taking a picture from the street is important, your featured photo should be the actual house. Try shooting it at an angle instead of straight on to show the depth.


I hope my tips helped you! You do not need to be a professional to take good pictures. Spend a lot of time experimenting and trying different angles. The more photos you take, the more options you'll have to choose from!

Leave me a comment: Have you seen bad Listing pictures? What is the one thing that makes you cringe because of your job? Are you as nosey as I am when it comes to seeing what is inside people's houses?

How To Take Your Own Listing Photos

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Hi friends! I'm Kristen, and this is the Life and Style of an early 30's Floridian living the Best Life Ever, with her husband and three pugs. Runner | Avid Reader | Small Shop Owner

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