Friday Five

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one// I have had literally 4000 things on my mind this week and I am actually really proud with how I've been dealing. My usual tendency is to just shut down completely, but I have totally fought that off somehow. My coworker had me laughing on Wednesday, when I asked him how many times I had audibly sighed and he politely denied me the actual number-but he totally knew. 

two// Have any of you tried Stylebook? I had no idea it existed until I read this blog post. I LOVE this idea and I am seriously contemplating trying it. After pulling out all of my summery clothing I was floored by just how many clothes I own. I really want to scale back and be more intentional with my wardrobe. 

three// How cute is this print from Lauren Taylor!? I love her work, and I am so happy to see a pug print. 

four// Super in love with these pens by Stabilo! My sister-in-law got me a set originally for my adult coloring book, but I love using these for my planner. SUCH great colors and the fine point is awesome. I have a crazy love of office supplies!! 

five// In Monday's post I talked about how happy new workout clothes make me! Going to 4 classes a week means a lot of extra fitness apparel in the laundry. I love my new Yoga Outlet leggings, but I was also happy to pick up 2 new outfits at Walmart this week! Gym Hair, Don't Care is my life right now. Also excited to try these shorts too-they've got the compression shorts underneath, which I think will make for a more functional and modest short. 

I got a surprise day off today, so I know it's going to be a great weekend!
OH! and I set up a Twitter account this week for Pugs and Pearls! Feel free to follow!

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