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Friday Five

Friday, March 4, 2016

one// Blake and I had such an amazing anniversary weekend!! Andddd I didn't take a single picture! We had an awesome family dinner at Bonefish. If you go anytime soon you have to get the Hawaiian Martini. Or the Grapefruit Martini-both really delicious! I went through a few things this week and found my stack of love letters from our dating days. Oh my goodness, they are so cheesy and wonderful! 

two// I was so excited to watch Fuller House on Netflix! I LOVED Full House growing up, so it's mostly a nostalgic excitement. I'm about halfway through the new season, and it's so cute. Really cheesy, but cute! They've included a lot of throwbacks and inside jokes, oh and lots of shade toward MK & A for not participating. & I just saw that Netflix renewed it for a season 2! {this is a really cool article with lots of pictures of how the Full House house has changed from the pilot}

three// Spring has totally hit North Florida! There are tons of blooms everywhere and they make me so happy. I have a Japanese Magnolia in our backyard that has the prettiest pink flowers budding out right now. I'm just itching to get out in the yard and starting pulling weeds and trimming trees. 

four// Blake and I could barely contain our excitement on Thursday, because Moe's opened up right near us! We both made it over there for lunch..and maybe went back for dinner! We love love love Moe's and it is such a small town win. 

five// I found this article so interesting! All week I have been craving kalamata olives. That article suggested that craving salty foods might mean increased stress hormones, or chloride deficiency. Not only was I incredibly stressed out this week, but I was also craving the olives after my workouts, and you lose chloride through sweat! The human body is so amazing. 

I hope everyone has an awesome Friday and a great weekend!

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