I'm Watching: Last year, I started watching Behind The Mask on Hulu. It was a random selection, I think I was really bored. I ended up loving this little show! It was so endearing and interesting! Season two came out and I finished it really quickly (the episodes are short!) There are more Mascots to meet and they are just as interesting and sweet as last season. After watching, I'm dying to go to a San Francisco Giants game! They have a gorgeous stadium. 

I'm Reading: I just finished The Girl On The Train, and was really inspired to start reading more than I have been. So I started Outlander on a recommendation from a friend. It's good so far, but I haven't made it very deep in the book yet.

I'm Listening To: I've had Cheerleader by Omi in my head for days! 

I'm Wishing For: Last weekend we did a bit of window shopping and I fell in absolute love with this handpainted globe in Anthropologie. It's so gorgeous! I don't think I can stomach paying that much for a globe though. I'm considering trying to make one myself! I've done a bit of online shopping for a globe, but they are really pricey when they aren't handpainted! Looks like it'll have to be a thrift store find.

I Need To: I have a few post ideas written down that I've been super neglectful about. It's time to get writing! 

I'm Looking Forward To: One of our friend's daughters is having her dance recital this weekend that I can't wait to see! I loved being in dance lessons when I was her age, and from what I hear she is really talented!

I'm Making: I have pinned hundreds of recipes on my Pinterest Board that need to finally get made. I'm on a cooking kick, so it's a good a time as ever.

Favorite Moment of the Week: My favorite part of this week was our day off on Monday. We spent it at the beach! I've been dying for a beach day, and boy was it a good one. Really hot though. I applied so many layers of sunscreen and still managed to get burned on the tops of my legs and my chest. We were out there for hours! My uncle ordered us pizza that never tasted so good. Pizza, beer and the beach?? Uhm, yeah!! 

What are you guys up to this week??
xoxo Kristen
I have this really funny memory of me as a kid at my best friend's house cleaning up her room. Not because her mom made us either! I just wanted to clean it. I thought it was fun! Most likely because it was someone else's room. You know how doing dishes isn't so bad at your friend's dinner parties, but you hate doing your own? Kind of like that. I never had a clean room as a kid. It's just something about cleaning other people's houses that isn't as bad as cleaning your own. So it's no surprise that as an adult I make extra money on the side with a few cleaning jobs! 
I've always kept my own house pretty tidy, but it wasn't until I picked up these side jobs that I actually developed a technique and aquired favorite supplies. 
Hover to Pin!

Pledge Multi Surface is number one on my list for a reason. It is my favorite cleaner and it does so much. Obviously it works on multi surfaces, but it works well on everything I've tried. I swear by this stuff! It works well on furniture, mirrors, my stainless steel and I am even allowed to use it on Blake's electronics. Well he would disagree with that statement, but he hasn't complained about it at least. 

These are good for quick clean ups and legit cleaning. I have to have them when I'm cleaning other peoples bathrooms especially. They are really good for around toilets and cleaning up after Delly's accidents. 

three// Magic Erasers
Magic, yes! These are crucial for bathtubs and sinks. This week I had an extra cleaning job for a house that is about to go on the market. Without Magic Erasers, I don't know what I would have done! This house was quite a challenge. The tubs were disgusting to say the least. They had, I'd say, years of soap scum build up. I spent half an hour scrubbing them with Magic Erasers (several) and they turned out amazing. These things are also really good for getting rid of scuffs on the floors and walls. 

four// Clorox
Classic clorox should be on everyone's have to have list! It's awesome and works great! Living in Florida we will always have to deal with mold/mildew issues inside and out. I spray clorox on anything and everything that can be bleached. 

I've talked about this dish soap before in one of my currently loving posts. We don't have a dishwasher, so we hand wash every night. If I have to hand wash, I'm going to use nice soap! Plain blue soap is boring and I need all of the happiness and joy I can get when I'm washing dishes! I love the lemon and grapefruit scents. They are fresh and crisp and clean-what more could you want from dish soap? 

Leave me a comment: Do we share any favorites? What are your can't live without cleaning supplies?

xoxo Kristen
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The Girl on the Train is the first book I have picked up in a while. Technically I never even picked it up. Count me as an offical audio book fan! Listening to audio books is the best way to make your commute go by faster. Also British accents are so enjoyable to listen to!
The Girl on the Train was definitely captivating. It is told from 3 different perspectives , which is both annoying and nice. Nice because I do like reading different points of view . Annoying because I did not like all 3 of the characters!
Perfectly moral and relatable characters just aren't interesting to read about -So I get it. But I hate sympathizing with seriously flawed people. Ya Know? I dont want to feel bad for people who choose to make terrible decisions.
That being said this was a really well paced novel that keeps you guessing until pretty much the end . Lots of comparisons being made to Gone Girl-and it is similar in that your feelings towards the characters change, and you slowly start doubting everyone. It's good, but not Gone Girl good.
Overall I give it 4 stars. I'm really just happy I broke my bookless streak!

Leave me a comment: What did you think of the girl on the train? Any books you've loved lately? Do you listen to audio books?

xoxo Kristen
2 Samuel 14:25
"Now in all Israel, no man was as highly praised for his handsome appearance as Absalom. From the sole of his foot to the crown of his head, there was no flaw in him." 

From 2 Samuel 14:25 it is obvious that Absalom was a very attractive man, but we can see later that his beauty did not compensate for his arrogance and disloyalty. The world we live in is very focused on looks and appearance, but Absalom teaches us that looks are not valuable when you do not have inner beauty

xoxo Kristen
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Have you ever been in a house, and just thought "yeah, I could live here." That's what I think everytime I go into Staci's new place. It's just so cute, and decorated perfectly. I love her style! We were happy to help ''warm" her house this weekend as she celebrated her new home. The crazy part is how far this house has come! It had potential, yet it was hard to see at first. Staci made it so cute, and I could totally live there.
Her housewarming party was equally adorable! We had a great time hanging out in the back yard since it was surprisingly breezy for a May evening. I loved all of the food too! Everyone got to make those Pinterest recipes they've been wanting to make. I will share what I made later this week. Personally I ate my weight in the chocolate covered clementines and those cream puff things. It was such a fun group of people and we had some hilarious conversations! Here are a few pictures of the party. I loved all of the well thought out details. Also, I took an embarrassing number of pictures of my nephew! I will share just one, even though each picture was cuter than the last. 

She received a lot of great gifts, especially cute things for entertaining guests. I'm sure that will not be the last party we have there. Her new house is actually just a few blocks over from ours, so it will be a lot of fun to meet up more often! 

Leave me a comment: Don't you love housewarming parties and buying house warming gifts!? 

xoxo Kristen
I'm Watching: The Bachelorette!! I so did not understand how they were going to do this show with two girls-let alone two girls that were so different from each other. I am so team Kaitlyn and love her personality. Brit is gorgeous, but I feel like I would be Kaitlyn's friend and thats who I always end up rooting for. 

I'm Reading:  Loved these outfits: Here and Here. and I'm interested in trying these recipes: Here and Here

I'm Listening To: Right now I'm listening to the audiobook of The Girl on the Train...I don't like to recommend books before I finish reading them, but it's good so far! I love listening to audiobooks on my commute and it helps the time go by so fast. 

I'm Wishing For: I randomly decided to rearrange our living room and now I'm online shopping for new pillows and decorations! Now I'm convinced we need a new ottoman-coffee table thing so I'm searching for the perfect one. 

I Need To: Oh so many things. I've got to clean the house and do all the typical things that get piled up and procrastinated. 

I'm Looking Forward To: A long weekend!! We've got some fun things planned: A housewarming party, a trip to the mall to take advantage of sales and a beach day on Monday (probably along with the rest of Florida, but still looking forward to it)

I'm Making: I'm going to be making this and this for the housewarming party. Can't wait to eat them..

Favorite Moment of the Week: It has to be spending time with my new nephew Zane! I have loved just holding him. It's so funny how different it feels holding him verses my niece and other nephew. Especially my niece-when she was a newborn I loved holding her but I was so nervous the whole time! I didn't want her to cry, and if she did I had no idea what to do! I feel so calm now with them and if they cry I don't feel like I need to give them back to their mom. Zane is just so sweet and tiny and I know he will grow up so fast, so I'm just loving every second. Being an auntie is so fun. 

What are you guys up to this week??

xoxo Kristen
Lakeside Libations Dress: Modcloth 
Ivory Peeptoes: Antonio Melani {similar} {similar
Nails: {Toes} Essie Cute as a Button {Fingers}Chinchilly

Ok, guys, this dress!! I think I first spotted it through Pinterest, and wasn't surprised it was a Modcloth dress. I love basically everything on Modcloth (especially since they always have cute pug stuff!), but it all seems to sell out so quickly! I knew I had to act fast on this one. I ordered it pretty much right away. As I was falling asleep that night I suddenly realized I had made a mistake. I ordered the wrong size...Modcloth does UK sizes. Which are 2 sizes smaller than US sizes. Sure enough I was too late to fix my order when I realized what I had done. The shipping seemed to take forever, especially knowing I was just going to be putting it right back in the mail. The worse part was I knew that this dress was going to sell out before I could exchange it. Sure enough, Modcloth messaged me saying Sorry! I was so sad!!! Knowing I still wanted to get a new dress I went back online to see if Modcloth had something similar or this dress in a different color. Surprise! The navy dress was back in stock in my (actual!) size! I bought that thing so fast. 
It arrived and fit perfectly. Can't get any better than that. This dress is so comfortable and incredibly flattering. I loved wearing to a wedding last weekend, and I am already looking forward to the next special occasion I can wear it to. 

xoxo Kristen
2 Samuel 12:23
"Now that he has died, why should I fast? Can I bring him back? I will go to him, but he will not return to me."

David showed a very balanced viewpoint of mourning in 2 Samuel chapter 12:23 when his newborn son had died. He was naturally upset by this death, but he knew there was nothing he could do about it. When we lose people in death, it is completely natural to grieve. But this account reminds us that we should not be overcome by grief, but rather remember even though we can't do anything about their death, Jehovah can.

xoxo Kristen
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We were so happy to celebrate with our friends Kennan and Riceta this weekend as they start their lives together. Kennan is basically my little brother, so I will admit I teared up a bit during their ceremony. Riceta was a stunning bride...her dress though! We had a blast at their wedding and I wanted to share a few pictures I managed to take. I did intend to take so many more, but I got distracted having fun! 

The best part was unloading my memory card and finding my camera had been hijacked while I was doing the cupid shuffle. We had so much fun! One of my favorite parts was the crazy bartender who was not afraid to ask for tips...we are going to be talking about him for awhile. 
Leave me a comment: What made the best wedding you've been to so great? Do you ever 'forget' to take pictures because you're having fun? Do you feel bad about it later?

xoxo Kristen
I'm Watching: Did anybody else watch the Arrow finale?? I'm confused, was that the series finale or what??

I'm Reading:  Just downloaded The Girl on the Train audiobook to listen to while driving. So far its interesting! 

I'm Listening To: I am starting to really really like Imagine Dragon's New Album. I liked a few songs the first time I listened to it, but now I like the whole thing. Also this Podcast on Intermittent Fasting is fascinating and I am really going to try it. 

I'm Wishing For: I saw this dress in Banana Republic this week and I want it...the color is just stunning in person.

I Need To: Tonight I really need to do my nails! They have been chipping all week, but I was trying to hold out until today so they would still look nice for the wedding we are going to tomorrow. 

I'm Looking Forward To: While I am soo looking forward to said wedding, I am probably more excited about the dress I am wearing!!! I haven't been this excited about an outfit in a long time. 

I'm Making:  Hoping to get a chance to make this recipe this weekend! 

Favorite Moment of the Week: The highlight of my week was getting to meet my new nephew! Zane was born early on Thursday and we got to welcome him! He is precious and so little compared to his big sister. Being an aunt is so cool and I love these kids so much.

How was your week?!

xoxo Kristen
We go to Walt Disney World several times a year. We only live a few hours away so we've even done day trips. Which by the way is not my favorite thing to do. I feel like we aren't young enough anymore to do crazy long days at the parks and drive home at midnight. I love that we don't have the pressure to do everything in one day-so many people can only get to the parks once in their whole life and feel pressure to do and see all that there is on a short trip. 
2 Samuel 6:7
"At that Jehovah's anger blazed against Uzzah and the true God struck him down there for his irreverent act, and he died there beside the Ark of the true God." 

Some may ask why Jehovah reacted so strongly to the actions of Uzzah mentioned at 2 Samuel 6:7 if Uzzah was only trying to save the Ark. We need to remember that Jehovah can read hearts. The verse says that Uzzah acted irreverently or disrespectfully. Being a Levite he knew that only authorized people could touch the Ark. So when he acted it was presumptuous and Jehovah could see his bad motives. 

xoxo Kristen
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We spent this last weekend at Walt Disney World, one of our very favorite places to be. It's always fun, but this weekend was especially nice. We stayed at The Boardwalk Inn for the first time, and now are completely spoiled. It was such a nice hotel, and so close to everything. Since we spent quite a bit on our room, we made it a priority to spend time actually enjoying the resort. Saturday was dedicated to hanging out by the pool and walking to Epcot for dinner. 
I'm Watching: Still binging on The Hills...I'm on season 4 already. The episodes are shorter than I remember, so I'm getting through it pretty fast. The soundtrack is bringing back a lot of memories!

I'm Reading:  I have been faithfully following IHeart Organizing's living room/kitchen remodel! The final living room pictures are up and I can't express how jealous I am of this room. It's so my style and I don't think I could ever pull off such an awesome transformation. 

I'm Listening To: Overload by Life of Dillon is my current favorite on my workout playlist. So summery and fun.

I'm Wishing For: I'm currently looking for a Tablet. I've been getting by just fine with my phone, but ever since Blake got his tablet, I've been seriously eyeing it. It can do so many cool things!

I Need To: I haven't done my workout yet today, so that's next on the list. My fitbit is on the charger and I can't stand the idea of working out with out getting credit for it!

I'm Looking Forward To: Disney weekend!!!! You'll be seeing plenty of posts about it next week.

I'm Making:  This is a really cool post about how to make your own Mickey Ears for Disney World. My sister got me an awesome pair from Etsy, but I'd like to try my hand at making more with a variety of colors to match whatever I'm wearing.

Favorite Moment of the Week: I got to spend all of Thursday afternoon at the pool with my nephew. It was a gorgeous day and he adores the pool. I bought him a cool float and pool toys that he ended up loving. (It's always nice when you buy a kid something they actually like) I slathered him up in sunscreen, and of course I'm the one who got burned...just a little bit on my back and it's already faded-so not too terrible. I just love the pool and it was so great to be out there with nothing to worry about.

What are you guys up to this week??

xoxo Kristen
You know those moments in your day when you are just completely content and comfortable? Like, everything is just perfectly fine. As a person whose mind is always racing and always planning, those moments don't happen too often for me. 
Rarely do I feel settled. I just feel like there is always something that needs to be done, and there probably is something I need to clean. It's been a goal of mine for a while to just relax and take a deep breath once in a while. Our lives are so busy and time is just going by so quickly. I want to take note of when I feel happiest and content. 
I feel happiest when I wake up early. I feel happiest when I exercise first thing in the morning-and when I really work out as hard as I can. I feel happiest when I drink a cup of Earl Grey tea with my breakfast. I feel happiest when I'm not running late. I feel happiest when I have a plan for the day. I feel happiest when I meet a friend for a lunch date. I feel happiest when I don't raid the junk food drawer at work. I feel happiest when the sun is shining. I feel happiest when I have a cute outfit on. 
But, mostly I feel happiest at the end of my day. My favorite nights are the ones that end hanging out on the couch. It is an amazing feeling of contentment. The kitchen is cleaned. I've got my blanket, and I'm totally stretched out on the couch. I think Blake has gotten used to my feet being on him by now. Delly is all snuggled up-usually with me! That's how I know I'm her favorite. I'm happiest when we've found a good show to watch. I'm happiest when my husband is cracking up. I love his laugh, especially when he thinks something is really funny. I'm happiest when I feel so comfortable I fall asleep on the couch, and I know Blake will wake me up to go climb into bed. 
Leave me a comment: When are you the happiest? Is it hard for you to notice those little things?

xoxo Kristen

Black and Grey Peplum: Loft via ebay {similar} {similar
Black Pencil Skirt: New York and Company via thrift store
Black Peeptoes: Amazon
Black Bib Necklace: Ebay

Say hello to my new favorite outfit! The best part is that this whole outfit cost me in the range of $30. I so wish the picture did this outfit justice-it's so hard to photograph black clothing. The top is colorblocked black and grey. (hint: you can see the colors better if you look down on the picture-so scroll up a little bit!) I remember not being sure about pulling off a peplum shirt when they first started getting popular. Now, I love them! They are fun and add just the right girliness to your outfit. Also, I'm currently obsessing over Ny&Co's pencil skirts! I have 2 of them and they fit me so well. And, I love that they are a decent length! It's so hard to find skirts that hit my knees, long legs or not. 
Leave me comment: What do you think? Do you have a go-to place to find skirts? Anybody else hate how hard it is to find long enough skirts? 

xoxo Kristen

2 Samuel 2:1 
"Afterward David inquired of Jehovah, saying: "Should I go up into one of the cities of Judah?..."

David sets a good example at 2 Samuel 2:1 where he inquired of Jehovah when making a decision. He often asked Jehovah for direction before doing something. Whether we are dealing with a difficult situation, making a decision, or resisting some kind of temptation, prayer is essential. When we pray we can ask for Holy Spirit which can guide us and strengthen us. We also need to act in harmony with our prayers like David did in verse 2.  

xoxo Kristen
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I'm Watching: Did you know that they have The Hills on Hulu? I was so excited to find it! I watched every week in High School, and loved it. They don't have season 1 to stream, but they do have 2-5. They are short and sweet episodes so I've watched like 2 seasons in the last week or two. Ok, so I'm pretty sure most of it is fake-but it's still addicting. 

I'm Reading: Loved this post about why you should comment on blogs, whether your are a blogger or not. I love reading comments, and I try to comment on as many blogs as I can. It's so nice to get feedback from your readers, especially when they are genuine and not trying to promote themselves.

I'm Listening To: Loving Spotify's acoustic playlist. Imagine Dragons' Bank Space cover is great. 

I'm Wishing For: Right now I'm looking for some earrings. I faithfully wear my little diamond studs in my 2nd holes, but I need to find something for my bottom ones. My ears are super sensitive so I have to buy real jewelry. Hence why I haven't bought anything. 

I Need To: We have lots of family coming to town this weekend, which means I have a lot to do! I love having company, but it's a lot of work. 

I'm Looking Forward To: My best friend Mindy is also visiting me this weekend! We hardly ever get to spend time together, so this is long overdue. Last time I saw her I took her family's photos, but that wasn't quality time together.

I'm Making: I loved our Plated meals this week! We made a asian chicken meatball dish and a sriracha beef bowl. Two meals I probably wouldn't have made otherwise, but we really liked them. I'm going to keep all the recipe cards in case we want to make them again. Although, I'm not sure I'll be able to find some of the ingredients (esp. the asian ones) at our local store. If you want to try Plated give me your email address and I will send you a referral for 2 free plates!

Favorite Moment of the Week: So far my favorite thing about this week was my lunch with my dad on Wednesday! I didn't work on Admin Professionals day so he took me out for lunch this week instead. We went to Harrys and I got a ahi tuna salad which was incredible! Dads make great lunch dates. 

What are you guys up to this week??

xoxo Kristen
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