The Girl on the Train

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The Girl on the Train is the first book I have picked up in a while. Technically I never even picked it up. Count me as an offical audio book fan! Listening to audio books is the best way to make your commute go by faster. Also British accents are so enjoyable to listen to!
The Girl on the Train was definitely captivating. It is told from 3 different perspectives , which is both annoying and nice. Nice because I do like reading different points of view . Annoying because I did not like all 3 of the characters!
Perfectly moral and relatable characters just aren't interesting to read about -So I get it. But I hate sympathizing with seriously flawed people. Ya Know? I dont want to feel bad for people who choose to make terrible decisions.
That being said this was a really well paced novel that keeps you guessing until pretty much the end . Lots of comparisons being made to Gone Girl-and it is similar in that your feelings towards the characters change, and you slowly start doubting everyone. It's good, but not Gone Girl good.
Overall I give it 4 stars. I'm really just happy I broke my bookless streak!

Leave me a comment: What did you think of the girl on the train? Any books you've loved lately? Do you listen to audio books?

xoxo Kristen
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