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Mr and Mrs Campbell

Monday, May 18, 2015

We were so happy to celebrate with our friends Kennan and Riceta this weekend as they start their lives together. Kennan is basically my little brother, so I will admit I teared up a bit during their ceremony. Riceta was a stunning bride...her dress though! We had a blast at their wedding and I wanted to share a few pictures I managed to take. I did intend to take so many more, but I got distracted having fun! 

The best part was unloading my memory card and finding my camera had been hijacked while I was doing the cupid shuffle. We had so much fun! One of my favorite parts was the crazy bartender who was not afraid to ask for tips...we are going to be talking about him for awhile. 
Leave me a comment: What made the best wedding you've been to so great? Do you ever 'forget' to take pictures because you're having fun? Do you feel bad about it later?

xoxo Kristen

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