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My Disney Park Must Pack List

Thursday, May 14, 2015

We go to Walt Disney World several times a year. We only live a few hours away so we've even done day trips. Which by the way is not my favorite thing to do. I feel like we aren't young enough anymore to do crazy long days at the parks and drive home at midnight. I love that we don't have the pressure to do everything in one day-so many people can only get to the parks once in their whole life and feel pressure to do and see all that there is on a short trip. 

Walt Disney World has such a special place in our lives. Blake and I went on our second date to Hollywood Studios, and we even got engaged under the fireworks at Magic Kingdom after a perfect day with our friends. We try to go as often as possible! 

After dozens of trips I've finally mastered what I need to bring with me when we are park hopping. Of course what I bring can vary with a few additional items when the weather is cooler or we are meeting characters. These are the things that I definitely have with me when we are visiting Walt Disney World! 
Mine is from Target, and it is the best purchase ever! I've gone bagless to the parks, but lets face it there are just things you want to bring with you. My husband doesn't appreciate carrying my things in his pockets either. This bag is perfect. It's just the right size for my necessities, and it doesn't get in the way. I like being hands free! You also want a smaller bag to fit with you on rides. We've brought a backpack before and while it does fit on the rides, it's not ideal. 

Two // Gum
I'm an avid gum chewer! I hate having bad breath, and after a whole day in the parks you don't feel that fresh by the end of the day. They do not sell gum in any of the parks, so you need to bring it with you! 

Three // ID, Ticket and your Magic Band
It should go without saying that you need your ID, especially if you are buying any tickets or alcohol. I have a magic band in every color but I still bring my actual ticket just in case. The magic band is the greatest invention Disney has come up with! Agian, I like to be hands free. 

Four // Chapstick
I feel like no matter how much water I drink while at the parks, my lips still get dry. It must be the wind from the roller coasters or something. Chapstick is a must! 

Five // Fitbit
I love my Fitbit, and I love watching my steps going up! It's not secret that you are going to be walking a lot, but it's really cool to see just how much. My best step day I got 26,000 steps, and that was a day we spent at Epcot! 

Six // Hand Sanitizer 
I can't imagine how many surfaces you are going to touch while you are at the parks. Then imagine how many other people are touching the same things...It would be the worst to get sick after your vacation. Hand sanitizing is a must. 

Seven // Park Ears
This is the one time you can wear silly things on your head and still look normal! I love being festive! I either wear my park ears or a Disney tshirt. 

Eight // Extra Phone Battery
Also optional is one of those quick chargers. We have extra phone batteries, which come in very handy especially if we are taking lots of phone pictures. 

Nine // Sunglasses
It's Florida people, it's going to be sunny and hot! I have forgotten my sunglasses before and went straight into the gift shop to spend 3 times the price on a pair. 

Ten // Advil
Having a headache is the worst. But, what's worse? Not having anything to take for it. I get the small sample packs so they fit nicely in my bag. This is a just in case item that you will be really glad you brought if you need it. 

Now, if we are staying in a hotel this list gets much longer...there is so much to consider! Sunscreen, snacks...there is a lot more to bring. But this is my list of must haves while you are actually in the parks. 
Leave me a comment: What do you think? Anything you have to have when you are visiting WDW? 

xoxo Kristen

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