Warby Parker Spring Collection 2016

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Last August I had my very first experience at an Optometrist's office. Growing up I always had perfect vision. Over the summer I started noticing that my distance vision wasn't what it used to be. I had a harder time reading street signs and even watching tv from far away! 

I was so happy when my eye doctor told me I wasn't crazy after all and I did indeed require the help of glasses! She said "Now's the fun part! You get to go shopping!" The doctor's office had a small selection of frames to choose from. I pretty quickly narrowed it down to 2 pairs, and finally settled on a pretty simple black pair. 

You know when you get a new car and suddenly you start seeing the same car everywhere? That's exactly what happened to me and glasses. Once I needed them, suddenly there was a whole new accessory world out there I had never paid attention to before! 

I've been window shopping, for months, on Warby Parker's website! Warby Parker lets you order 5 pairs of glasses to try on at home for free! I finally pulled the trigger and ordered a few pairs to try. You get to wear them for 5 days and then you just drop them in the mail when you are done. Return shipping is free too! I could not wait to check the mail!

These are the frames that I tried on: 

I tried on 3 pairs of eyeglasses and 2 pairs of sunglasses. It's pretty obvious that I like a good tortoise shell! But, today I'm also really happy to partner up and help announce Warby Parker's 2016 Spring Collection! This collection was inspired by the Circus and it could not be any cuter. I love that spring equals bright and fun colors and this collection really highlights that. 

The Spring Collection includes a bunch of new colors and 3 new silhouettes. How cool are the Haskell Crystal frames with the colorful rings?! I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to try those, but I am completely in love with the Preston frames in Maraschino and the Laurel's in Peacock green. Plus for every pair sold, a pair is distributed to someone in need, which is awesome!

I'm really excited to dive further into this new accessory world! Warby Parker has so many great options and the fact that you can try before you buy is so great. I have been really happy with my experience so far and I decided to order these sunglasses and these frames. But, I'm also seriously considering ordering a pair from the Spring collection too! What is it about glasses that make you feel so chic and smart?

Leave me a comment: How many pairs of glasses do you have? Are any of them Warby Parker? What do you think of my choices?
& Which is your favorite pair in the Spring Collection!? 

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