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Old Navy Top Haul

Monday, April 22, 2024

As I have assessed my closet, I noticed I was really missing some fresh spring/summer tops in my wardrobe. I popped into Old Navy one Friday morning and was able to score several tops and thought I'd share! 

This first one has actually been in my closet for a couple of weeks! I bought it in black as well, but it wasn't until this try on session that I realized I grabbed the wrong size. So, the black one is going back to be exchanged. (It was the only one I didn't try on in the store because I already knew I liked it! If I had, I would have seen the hanger didn't match the tag.) 

This next top, I bought in 2 colors! It's called the Bestee and I totally think that's the perfect name. It's an ideal tee shirt, and I am loving the more cropped fit with my high rise jeans. I went for the rust color, and the cream striped options. 10/10

Next up is the BEST square neck body suit. It's fab. I appreciate the smoothness and the perfect fit. An excellent layering piece! 

This next top is great, but I would not pair it with these jeans. It's a bit longer and ribbed, so my jeans underneath makes for a lumpier look, haha. Super pretty teal color, and I can see this paired with a lot of different outfits. 

I don't have a photo, but I also wanted to share this top! I got it in the forest green color, and it's a really great shirt for summer! 

If you shop online, don't forget to activate Rakuten! They have cash back on Old Navy purchases, and who doesn't need free money.

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