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March Grove Haul

Monday, March 4, 2024

E-Cloth Stainless Set

I have long loved E-Cloths! You just add water. Their glass cleaning cloths are top notch. I haven't really found the perfect thing to clean our stove each evening, so I thought I'd give this a shot. 

Grove Co Sponges

A long time favorite, and frequent purchase. These are just great sponges and they don't scratch our dishes. 

Grab Green Garbage Disposal Pods

Another favorite! These pods are so easy to use. You just pop them into your disposal and they really freshen things up. Love the scent. 

Grove Co Microfiber Cloths - Free Gift! 

These are awesome cleaning cloths, and I was so glad to get them as a free gift. I can never have enough. 

Acure Eye Gels

I would like to find a more budget friendly option for these - but for now I will keep repurchasing! There are times you just need to revive the undereye! 

Acure Acne Spot Gel

Very excited to give this a try. I have pretty decent skin, but every once in awhile I end up with a blemish I want to treat. I think this will fit my needs perfectly. 

Dr Bronners Hand Sanitizer

I normally go for the Grove brand spray sanitizer, but it seemed out of stock this go around. Happy to try out Dr. Bronner's. 

Rooted Hand Cream

You might remember this from a recent haul, but I lost it! It must have found it's way into a random bag or something. My hands have been so dry lately, I just needed to get a replacement. 

Grove Co Dishwasher Pods - Free Gift!

These dishwasher pods are pretty good! But, for free, I'm happy to take them! 

Grove Co Upholstery Cleaner

By far one of the best products Grove makes! We recently had a sick pug, and our living room carpet took the brunt of it. So, I reordered this cleaner because it's obviously a necessity with pets. It works like a charm. (In case you are wondering, Delly is doing much much better - our vet gave us some miracle medicine that helped get her right as rain.) 

Mrs. Meyers Concentrate 

A favorite! I use this concentrate to make multi purpose cleaner and floor cleaner. I normally go for the 'bluebell' scent since it's my favorite, but I went for Lemon Verbena this time to mix it up. 

Burt's Bees Micellar Wipes

I've tried to break up with wipes like this, but I just find that on those lazy evenings I'd rather use one of these than nothing at all. They work great and I'm glad to have these back in the bathroom drawer. 

Collagen Sample

I've been thinking about adding some collagen powder to my morning coffee, so what perfect timing to get this free sample. I tried it this morning, and it really didn't taste like anything which was a win! 

Coconut Deep Conditioner Sample 

So excited to try this as well! Now that my hair is so long, I think a deep conditioner treatment would be just perfect. 

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