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October Grove Collaborative Haul

Sunday, October 8, 2023

Caldrea Blue Basil Sage Room Spray

Shall I introduce you to my new favorite scent! Oh my gosh, I love this and I finally figured out why. When I was growing up, my mom used a Caldrea hand soap called Herbs de Provence. It smelled incredible, and we just thought they discontinued it. Well, they didn't - it was just renamed Blue Basil Sage! It's such a great clean, sweet smell. But, more than that it triggers a memory.

This is my 4th Caldrea room spray, and clearly I have a little collection going. They last forever and I have loved every scent I've tried. 

Caldrea Blue Basil Sage Hand Soap

Maybe you get the point that I'm now obsessed with this scent? I bought this refill to put in our guest and half baths for something special. 

Walnut Sponges

A classic, and a favorite! These sponges get the job done, true, but they are also just really good quality. 

Method Toilet Cleaner

You will see this in just about every order I make from Grove! 

Method Shower Cleaner

Same with this bathroom spray. It has a nice smell, and works really well for weekly cleanings. I like to have two bottles of both this and the toilet cleaner because I don't want to run out. 

Mrs Meyers Blue Bell Concentrate

Totally my secret cleaning weapon. This concentrate lasts forever. I use it in spray bottles for a multi surface cleaner, and I also find it works great on floors with a mop and bucket. 

Grove Laundry Sheets - Free Gift!

I've gotten these once before as a free gift. They are absolutely perfect for travel! 

Ursa Major Face Wipe Sample - Free!

I really love that Grove sends samples. It's always fun to try new things.

Grove offers price matching! This was the first time I tried it. You send them an email with the link to the cheaper item and they will give you a credit in your cart to match the difference. Even though it took a few extra minutes, I saved at least $10 on this order because of it. Their customer service is really good!

If you are new to Grove, I always like to offer you my referral link! That'll get you some free products! If you have any questions as you are looking through their products, you can always ask me - I can almost guarantee I've tried it.  Also, make sure you activate Rakuten for cash back too! 

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