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Our Place Oven Ware Collection First Impressions

Wednesday, April 5, 2023

It's no secret that I absolutely love all the pans we have gotten from Our Place in the last year! I've reviewed the Always Pan and the Perfect Pot, their Cast Iron pan and the Mini Perfect Pot. Well we've added to our collection, and I couldn't wait to share my thoughts!

The ovenware set includes an oven sheet pan and a set of 3 stoneware baking dishes. They all stack together for easy storage. The sheet pan comes with a silicone mat for roasting. 

Our pots and pans are the Stone color, but I really wanted the sage green ovenware set - and I LOVE it. It's so gorgeous and the quality is right up there with the pots and pans. 

While I adore the whole set, if you take anything from this post - buy the sheet pan! It's incredible! I think we've used it every day since we got it. Just so good. So easy to clean and the size of it is just great. It's large enough to use as a griddle on top of the stove too. 

Here's $20 towards your first Our Place purchase! And don't forget to activate Rakuten to get cash back on that purchase too.

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