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Our Place Always Pan and Perfect Pot First Impressions

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Ok, but are you even a blogger if you don't have an Always Pan?! This might one of the most influencer promoted items on my social media feeds! And, well, call me influenced. 😂 Actually, I first purchased an Always pan last May - except it wasn't for me. I bought it for my brother and sister in law as an anniversary gift. I really wanted one myself, but for some reason it was easier to buy one for someone else. 

Fast forward to this past month, and I saw that Our Place came out with a matching pot to go with the pan and really started contemplating buying a set for us. I asked my husband to scrutinize this cookware to see if I was just being influenced, or if they were really that great. He was sold just as easily as I was, and we bought a set. They were on sale, and I actually had some reward points from the one I bought my brother, so we got a really good price. 

The hardest part was choosing the color!! Gosh, the fun side of me really wanted the neon green. But, as I  am more practical than fun, we went with the Stone color. I was really torn between the green, blue, and black color options though. Stone just spoke to me, and I felt like that neutral will always look good in our kitchen. 

A Few Favorite Features:

- The non-stick surface is BEYOND great. We've always struggled with messy clean ups and I cannot believe how easily everything just washes off.

- They are gorgeous. If you care about home décor or aesthetics at all, you will adore the way these look. I think you'll want to keep these out and not hidden away in a cabinet. 

- The minimalism. I really really love that these two pieces replace our entire cabinet of pots and pans. Admittedly, I haven't gotten rid of my other pans yet, but I put them in 'purgatory' to wait and see if these truly are all we need. But so far, yeah - I think I would always reach for these over anything else. I do have a cast iron skillet that will not be leaving our kitchen, but 3 pots and pans over a whole cabinet full is awesome. (Our Place does have a cast iron skillet, but it's sold out!) 

- The accessories are so cool! Both pieces come with a wooden spoon or spatula and another accessory for cooking. 

- The Perfect Pot has a lid that strains. Goodbye colanders! 

Here's my referral link for $20 off your first Our Place purchase! 

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