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Just 3 Things

Friday, February 10, 2023

I didn't have a photo for this post, so here's a picture of me doing some Esty work! 

One | Squat Challenge 

This is just a cool thing that I wanted to share. I started a little Instagram group with my friends and family, and together we are doing 30 day exercise challenges. I really needed to do more squats, and so it started as a way to become accountable. But, now it's turned into this really cool thing, and we are doing a plank challenge now!

I thought I'd share how we are doing it, in case you want to try something similar. Basically, I add everyone who wants to participate to my 'close friends' list on Instagram. Then every day I post a story with the squat of the day and then a Poll box for them to check in when they are done. During the squat challenge, I had about 25 people ask to join. (A lot dropped off when it got harder though.) And now, during our plank challenge I had something like 33 people ask to join! It's been fun. Camaraderie and accountability help me so much. Just for fun, I did a little gift card drawing at the half way point and then again at the end. 

Planks are so much harder than squats, so I'll see if anyone is up for a 3rd challenge after this! 

Here's the challenges we have done/are doing:

Two | My First Flat Tire

Ugh, this was no fun. But, it was probably the best way it could have happened. I was on I-10 heading to my sister's, about an hour away.

I decided to take Blake's car, because mine needs new tires and I wasn't thrilled about taking it over the road. As I left our driveway, the tire pressure light was on. But, each tire was at the correct psi, and it was a colder morning and I knew that could be effecting the sensor. So I just went on. About 30 minutes into my drive, I noticed that the psi of my back right tire was down to 2! It started at 31. But, the car was driving just fine so I thought maybe it was misreading it. I pulled over just to check, and sure enough totally flat. 

That moment is so terrible, because it's like now what. We do have roadside assistance, but sometimes that takes forever. I was pretty far away from home for Blake or my dad to come help, so I knew I was going to have to figure it out or wait for roadside. Literally 60 seconds after I pulled over, a truck pulled up behind me and I could tell it was some kind of service vehicle. Turns out the Florida DOT has road rangers that patrol from Jacksonville to Alabama on I-10 all the time. One of them pulled up, and just started getting cones out ready to change my tire like it was nothing. He literally had me back on the road in 10 minutes without breaking a sweat. I told him I knew I could have done it but would have been in tears by the end of it. Gosh, I was just so thankful. I didn't even have time to get stressed. 

I still had to drive all the way to my sister's going 50 mph, which was actually very stressful. You realize real quick how many people aren't paying attention until the last second. I swear several cars almost plowed into me, even though I had my hazards on. 

It worked out so well. My sister picked me up at the tire shop - and since we used to live there, my name was already in their system and it was quick and painless. I did have to buy a new tire (the whole reason I was taking Blake's car in the first place was to avoid buying new tires...but whatever.), but it was just the best version of having a flat on the interstate. 

Three | Dog Hair Catchers

Totally random find, but if you have pets this might be a game changer for you! For the most part, our dryer does pretty good with catching dog hair. I did notice when we got our new comforter (which I showed in the last 3 things post) it was holding on to pug hair. With 3 pugs, it's not really surprising. I think it's because the comforter is so big and is just about our dryer's capacity. So, anyway, I found these little hair catchers on Amazon and thought I'd give it a go. You pop them in the wash with your load, and then transfer them to the dryer as well. Then when the load is dry, you can wash them off in the sink with a little soap and water. These things worked like a charm and totally saved me a bunch of aggravation. Next, I tested them on our L.L.Bean fleeces. Those things are also dog hair magnets. Worked great! Definitely worth sharing here in case you have this problem too. 

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