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Butcher Box First Impressions

Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Butcher Box Review | What I Got In My Box

Butcher Box came on my radar while doing Whole 30. The program really encourages grass fed, high quality meats. Then a friend of mine mentioned she loves getting Butcher Box and had a referral link for me to try - so I figured it was a good time tor try it out!

In short, Butcher Box is a monthly subscription box for meats. You can do two different types of boxes. One is curated, and then the other is a DIY kit where you select your own cuts. Additionally, you can select how big your family is. If you have a bigger family you can get more in your box. 

I decided to do the custom box so I could get the kinds of meats we eat. Plus, with my friends referral link, I now get free chicken wings in every order I ever make for life! And, probably because I was a new customer they threw in a free pack of bacon as well. 

The selection is huge. You can get different cuts of beef, chicken, pork, breakfast meats...seafood...and I think there were other options too. It seems like they do specials that rotate throughout the year as well. 
And then, like any subscription box, you can get it monthly or skip it when you don't need it. My box arrived quickly, and it was packaged really well! Everything was ice cold. 

This is what I got in our first box!

2 -1lb packs of Ground Beef
2 - 10z NY Strip Steaks
3 - 1lb packs of Chicken Tenders
3 - 1lb packs of Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts 
1 - 1lb 40 count Wild Caught Gulf Shrimp
1 - 16oz package of Chicken Apple Sausage
1 - 10oz pack Bacon (FREE)
3 - 1lb packs of Party Wings (FREE)

The total price for this box was $130. I know I got a discount for using my friend's referral link. I have one too in case you want to give it a try. I really want to try filling my entire box with steaks and get more than my money's worth! 

I'm most excited about the Chicken Apple sausage. I've been getting this type of sausage at Costco, and love it. Going to Costco is dangerous for me though, and I try not to go too often. 😂

In total, I'm very impressed with the quality! I loved how fast and safe everything arrived. Right now, I feel like I will not get this every month, but maybe quarterly. If you decided to give Butcher Box a try, don't forget to activate Rakuten! As I write this, you can get $8 cash back with Butcher Box. If you already get Butcher Box tell me what I should put in my next box! 


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