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Just 3 Things

Thursday, January 26, 2023

One | Clay Earrings

My friend Tiffany makes gorgeous clay earrings! I've been admiring her work on social media since she started, but I finally ordered a few pairs for myself. They are so cute and fun! Plus, I love that it's a statement, but the clay material makes them light as a feather. 

Two | New Comforter Set

I had my eye on this set a few month ago when I bought some sheets from Walmart that we ended up really liking. When I was shopping online for my groceries, I noticed this ended up on clearance! King bedding can be so pricey, so I was all about a $30 comforter. It's from the Gap Home line, and is extraordinarily soft. We've been sleeping SO good, and I have no idea if it's the Whole 30 or being so cozy and warm. (Plus if you have Walmart+ it's free shipping!)

I'm still playing around with throw pillows. I grabbed this one from the living room and felt like it matched really well - so we are going with that for now. Also looking at this photo makes me think I need a blank at the foot of the bed or something like that to complete the look.

Three | The Cutest Keychain

Just had to share this little project. I am thinking of offering this style of key chain in my Etsy shop, so I made one for myself to test it out. It's just so cute and I love looking at it! I ended up liking this saying a lot, so I added a similar vibe decal to my shop already. 

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