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Monos Carry On First Impressions

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

When Blake and I were flying back home from Ireland, we were both crossing our fingers that our suitcases were going to make it back in one piece. I was really proud of us for packing so lightly, and managing to squeeze 2 weeks worth of clothing into carry on suitcases (and a backpack). We had some hard side bags we had bought a small department store's going out of business sale - and they worked great for a short while! They were both severely cracked by the time our trip was nearing the end. I decided it was time to invest in something actually nice for future trips. (Although, we don't have anything on the calendar so that's kind of a bummer haha.) 

I was pretty confident I wanted an Away bag. They are just so pretty! But the price was a turn off for sure. And, I also read that they are incredibly heavy. Blake found a similar brand called Monos - and we were thrilled their bags were on sale during all the cyber week sales. We chose matching Carry Ons in Olive Green. 

You should have heard all the Oohing and Aahing I did as I opened up the package! These bags are a great size, and the quality is awesome. Plus, you get a few extras like a dust bag, laundry bag, shoe bags, luggage tag, and even a tiny magic eraser to keep it clean. I really like that the zipper locks and that there is a cool compressing strap/pad thing to help you fit all your stuff. Now, I just need some travel plans!!

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