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Snapshots From Our Cozumel Cruise | Carnival Paradise

Friday, December 2, 2022

I've been documenting our annual cruises here on the blog since 2015! We love to go as a family, especially because everyone can do their own thing but we are still together. Because of the pandemic, we haven't been on a cruise in a couple of years - so getting back to it felt extra special! Plus, besides my core family we had a few family friends join which made it so fun! 

This cruise took us to the Cayman Islands and then to Cozumel. In Cayman we did a snorkel tour with a stop at Stingray City. (This was the tour we booked. Don't forget to activate Rakuten for cash back!) It was a BLAST and I could just look at that turquoise water every day, all day. In Cozumel we went to our favorite spot - Paradise Beach! I've documented our many, many stops at Paradise Beach. It's an all-inclusive beach club that is an easy taxi ride from the Cruise port. Our in our case, a hummer limo. 😂 Totally didn't expect that when they pulled up, but gosh what a fun ride! 

What I Wore:

I did a little outfit try on before we left so that I didn't over pack. I'm super proud to say that all of my dinner outfits were thrifted! With the exception of the lavender paisley dress that is. That's a J Crew dress I got on clearance a few months ago for $13!


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