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August Grove Collaborative Haul

Thursday, August 18, 2022

Well it's been a hot minute since I've done a Grove haul! Although I still get orders most months, this one made me particularly happy, so I thought I'd share what we received. 

If you are new to Grove Collaborative, you can get a bunch of free stuff with your first order when you use my link to sign up. AND p.s. Rakuten has a really good cash back perk for Grove! If you don't have a Rakuten account, I also have a referral link for that which gets you $30 right off the bat. I'm always looking for free money! 

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Amber Soap Hand and Dish Soap Dispensers & Spiced Pumpkin Scented Hand and Dish Soap
I know it's still August, but I had a craving for some fall scents. The spiced pumpkin scent is so yummy and I was really excited to see you could get it as a set with amber soap dispensers. It was time to replace our kitchen soap dispensers, so perfect timing! 

These bags are in our order every month! With 3 pugs, we go through a lot of them. 

My free gift this month! Grove's bar soaps are great, and I have a whole stash of them. I obviously plan to use them up, but they are also nice to have on hand for gifts. This is my first time with the peppermint scent, and it's really nice! 

This scent!! I love it so much. As a Floridian, I need a stronger deodorant most of the year. But this more natural one is just fine as we go into fall and winter. This is my first time trying out the new more eco friendly packaging. 

I have tried a few different leather cleaners for our sofa, and this is by far my favorite. In fact it had been out of stock on Grove for a few weeks and I was getting desperate! I love how our furniture looks after we clean it with this, and with 3 pugs we are using it all the time. 

This was our first time ordering this cleaner. Did I mention we had to get a new washer a few weeks ago? Ugh, this is like our 3rd washer in as many years but I hopeful we will have this one forever! It's a front loader, and we all know how smelly they can get. Really enjoyed the scent of this and I think it's made a difference! 

A long time favorite! I used to buy this at Walmart, but I was so excited to see it now available with Grove. The scent is so good! This is a soap I like to keep in our guest bath, because it's a great body wash for adults, but I also love that it's a bubble bath as well. Perfect for when our niece or nephews sleep over. 

I don't really like to use bleach around my house, but still wanted to try to brighten my whites in the wash. So we are giving these a shot this month! 

I've gotten these laundry pods as a free sample, but this is my first time ordering the full size. The packaging is awesome, and I love the tin they come in! My very favorite laundry detergent comes from Buff City Soaps, but I wait until it's BOGO before I do my refill. So in the mean time this will do nicely. 

These are such a favorite! I've been using them basically nightly to remove makeup and clean my face when I don't feel like doing a full skincare routine. I love to keep a pack of these in my travel gear as well. 

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