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A Weekend Project | Our Boardwalk

Monday, May 23, 2022

Since moving into our new home last August, we've had to do very little! That's such a change for us, because the home we owned for a decade was SUCH a money pit when it came to updates and maintenance. That's the difference between a house built in the 1950s and one that's just a year old. It's been a blessing for sure. We did put in a backsplash, but that's about it! 

One thing though that we did want to eventually do is our boardwalk. We live in a row house, so we park in the back and use a boardwalk to the side door. (Our front door faces greenspace.) This boardwalk was pretty basic, but it really bothered us that it didn't have railings. So we had a contractor build a great railing and some privacy slats, and then this weekend we were able to stain it finally! 

Here's what we were working with:

And here's what we were able to do:

We only have a small flower bed, and no yard to speak of. Which has been such a treat! Our old house was high maintenance with almost an acre of daunting yard work, so this is bliss! I did miss a little bit of it though, so I'm thrilled to have found these flower boxes to add a little life into our place. They were easy to put together and I might add another down the line for some herbs. 

The color of stain is just right too! It matches our front door and another accent on the house perfectly. Plus it had a sealer built in, so it will really keep the deck nice! We also added a few solar lights to the railing, and that's been such a nice touch at night. 

The side door was so plain, so I just had to add some vinyl! I loved this design so much, I added it to my Etsy shop. I hope it will help the door more look more inviting to our guests. It is a little bit weird that our front door isn't the main door we use, I've never lived in a house like that before.

I originally bought a wreath for the side door, and ended up loving it on the front door, so I had to buy a second one. 😂

In addition to the boardwalk project, we were able to get some scrubbing done - and I officially feel like I got my spring cleaning checked off the list!

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