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We're Moving! (Again!!!) | Empty House Tour

Monday, July 12, 2021

Blake got a job in my hometown of Tallahassee, and we are officially relocating! Gosh, this has been such a journey. We sold our house a year ago, and have been renting with the intention of relocating in the mean time. It was nice that he got to job hunt slowly and eventually found what he thinks is a great fit. Throw a crazy housing market on top of that, and well, it's been a bit stressful the last few months.

But, we officially have a home and he loves his new job! I'll have so much to share in the next few weeks, but I thought you might enjoy some empty house pictures. We are going to be living in a row house, with zero yard, but tons of amazing features. I never thought we'd end up in a brand new house.

A couple things I'm really excited about:

- The gas stove! I grew up cooking on gas, and have really missed it. Plus, this stove comes with a griddle. Can you say Sunday pancakes?
- All hard floors. With three pugs, I am very happy to have no carpet in this home.
- A huge pantry! Get ready for a whole post dedicated to that baby.
- My own office/guest room. I have big plans for the upstairs bedroom (the one with the tiny window above. That's not the whole room btw, it was just hard to photograph.). It's going to serve as our guest bedroom, but also my Etsy studio! It's got a great corner which my desk will fit in perfectly, and there are two closets in that room. One will be a crafting closet and the other will be empty for guests. 
- The location! It's right across the street from a community pool. You know I'll be there like every day. 
- Feeling settled. As I mentioned, we've been going the direction of relocating for months, so now that it's finally happening, I'm looking forward to feeling settled. 

So much more to come! I'll be sharing full room tours once we get settled in. We are going on vacation and moving this month-so it's going to be nuts!


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