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New House Tour: The Living Room

Friday, September 17, 2021

When we first toured our new house, I was really nervous that our brand new furniture that we had just purchased a few months wasn't going to fit! It took us a long time to agree on new living room furniture, and so the idea of it not working in our new space was worrisome. That worry turned out to be completely unnecessary because it all fits like a glove! 

Just another reason why we feel like this house is the perfect fit for us right now. I already shared the kitchen space, and the living room area is directly next to it. In fact, we don't have a dining room at all, it's just a 4 seater bar. So it's nice to have one large space to live, cook, and eat in. 

Our living room consists of our sofa, a large chair, and our entertainment center. We added a picture ledge above the TV which I could not love more. (Would you believe me if I told you these were Command strip shelves?!) 

We did purchase a new TV during our move, and it's SO nice. I can't believe how far technology has come with televisions. Our older one was like 4,000 pounds and this one is incredibly thin and light. 

I think I needed to flip the rug the other way, but it's too late'd be way too much effort to turn it. 😅

Might I also mention, I have two *real* plants now here in the living room. I've always been pro-faux, but we got 2 plants as housewarming gifts and they are still alive. 😂

While we are here I thought I'd mention that we have a coat closet, and laundry "room", and a half bath all downstairs. (Our bedroom is also downstairs, and that will be in an upcoming post!) You can see the half bath and laundry doors in the last photo above. I'll throw in some photos of the bathroom here:

This half bath is under the stairs. It's tiny, but it's great for guests, so they don't have to go upstairs or use our master bath. I'd really like to paint it a fun color or do some wallpaper in the future, but for now I just decorated it with some fun pops of coral and orange. 

I picked up the 'power room' sign at Target and ended up being really thankful I did. Any time we have had friends over, no one has had to ask for the bathroom. It's always been important to me that our guests feel comfortable in our home, and I feel like part of that is not embarrassing them with having to ask for something. Hope that makes sense, but this is a little way I feel accomplishes that. (Another example is having a plunger in the one should have to ask for that. Let them take care of it with out embarrassment. Ya' know?) 

Shop this room:

And, don't forget to use Rakuten when shopping online! The majority of these links are stores that offer cash back! Because we have made a lot of purchases with our move, my next check is set to be a really good one.

Alright guys, we are slowly chugging away at this home tour! I think all I have left to share is our bedroom and Blake's office upstairs. We do have some great closets and an additional bath upstairs so that's upcoming as well! Tell me what room you want next in the comments below! You can also tell me your favorite so far.

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