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New House Tour: The Kitchen

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Did you know I started blogging in the early 2010s with a food blog?! As a new wife, I was trying to learn to cook for two, and started documenting the meals we loved. I never dreamed I'd ever have a kitchen like this to cook in!

A few features we love:

- The giant island! This serves as our dining space as well, so I'm really glad it's huge. 
- A gas stove! I learned to cook growing up with gas, so it's been such a treat to return to that. This stove even has a griddle, which has been great for Sunday morning pancakes. 
- A large pantry! Having a pantry in our first house was something I always dreamed of. We had open shelving and shopping in bulk was out of the question. This is such a luxury. I'd like to dedicate a whole post to the pantry once I find an organization system that works for this space. (I love this little Pantry sign we picked up from Target!)

Some things I've purchased for this room:

- Bar stools. This was a tough one! Bar stools are very pricey, so we went with a cheaper option with the idea that we'd upgrade later. They ended up being a great choice! I love the look, and they fit under the island perfectly, so they are easy to get out of the way. 
- Lazy Susan. I picked this up from Target and want to buy 100 more! A Lazy Susan is so useful and practical. This one also coordinated really well with the bar stools. I love the cleared off counter look, so this is a great way to corral everything. 
- Wine Storage. When we moved, we had to part with a piece of furniture we used to use as a bar. While most of that ended up in the pantry, I really liked the idea of maximizing the storage above the fridge too. I found this wine rack, and again it coordinated really well with the other things I'd purchased. 
- Fridge Drink Organizer. This was such an unnecessary purchase, but I love it so much. We drink a lot of sparkling waters and our fridge is always overflowing with drinks. This organizer keeps it all nice and neat. 

More rooms coming soon! Leave a comment below and tell me what your dream kitchen looks like! We are trying to pick out a backsplash, so I'd love to hear what you'd pick. 


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