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What We Got From The Star Wars Erin Condren Collection

Thursday, August 5, 2021

If you've been around here any length of time, you know my love of Erin Condren notebooks! I've used their planners too, although I'm not currently. Last month, EC announced a brand new collection...Star Wars! I knew as soon as I saw the announcement I'd be spending a lot of money. 😂

Honestly, I really restrained myself, because I could have bought one of everything! This is what we got:

Rose Gold Coil Notebook

These notebooks are my all time favorite. I don't even know how many I have, but it's probably close to a dozen. They are so versatile and useful! 

I went with the metallic outlines design in rose gold with a matching coil-and I could not love this more! It's cute and nerdy at the same time, haha!

Millennium Falcon Vegan Leather Notebook

I wanted to get Blake a notebook for his new job, and this was such a perfect fit! It's a gorgeous navy vegan leather! I got it embossed with his initials too. 

We both really enjoy using these notepads. I leave one next to our computers or on the kitchen counter, because it's always nice to jot down quick notes. 
Like the rest of the world we can't get enough of baby Yoda! This pattern was just too cute to resist.

I had a lot more in my cart, but this is what I ended up with! Although, it's not too late to go back for more...
And don't forget to use Rakuten for cash back! Erin Condren always offers a % back with Rakuten.

Shop the collection:

Leave a comment below and tell me if you are a stationary addict too! 


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