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New Home Tour: Master Bathroom with Smile Brilliant (& GIVEAWAY!)

Monday, August 9, 2021

Thank you so much to Smile Brilliant for sending me this set of Ultrasonic toothbrushes and for sponsoring the giveaway at the end of this post! Blog Disclosure.

We are officially moved into our new house! I'm kicking off our new home tour today with the master bathroom. Starting with this room because, honestly, it's the only room that's "done" and completely unpacked! I don't do well with our house in chaos but, it's so nice to have this sanctuary totally set up. 

Not only do I have lots of photos to share with you of our bathroom, but I also want to share something that's making this space feel extra special! Our new ultrasonic toothbrushes from Smile Brilliant! You might remember Smile Brilliant because I tried out their teeth whitening kit a few years ago. If you want to see my amazing results, head over to that post!  More about our new brushes (and a giveaway!) below. 

A Few Things I Love About This Space:

- The his and hers sinks are the bomb! We both love to have things in their proper places, so to be able to have our own sides of the bathroom has been lovely! We each have a cabinet and we've divided the drawers up too. 

- Having a walk in shower is also great! We do have a bath tub upstairs, but 99% of the time we are shower only people so this makes sense for us in the master bath. 

- Bright light! We haven't painted anything in the house and have just kept the white walls. This, plus all the bright vanity lights means this is a bright space that's easy to get ready in. 

At a recent dental cleaning, my hygienist recommended switching to an electric toothbrush for my sensitive teeth. I'm so pleased to say I found the perfect toothbrush with Smile Brilliant! This is not an ordinary electric toothbrush by any means. 

My Favorite Features

- This toothbrush has a sensitive mode! All of the cleaning modes are great, but I swear by the sensitive mode. Switching to a sensitive toothpaste and using this setting has made my teeth feel better than ever.

- I never thought I'd describe a toothbrush as luxurious...but here we are! This is an exceptionally nice toothbrush. It looks and feels fantastic. 

- The charge lasts and lasts. This is great because we both keep our Smile Brilliant Ultra Sonic toothbrushes at our individual sinks. We will just have to charge once a month or so.

- I've tried your typical electric toothbrushes you'd find in any pharmacy, but this is the best electric toothbrush I've ever used. The vibrations are so different, and you can feel that difference. It's called Ultrasonic for a reason! There are 40,000 vibrations a minute! Plus the refills are affordable! Have you seen the prices on typical electric toothbrush heads? Crazy. 

Shop this room:

& Now for the GIVEAWAY!

Win a FREE cariPRO Ultrasonic Brush! ENTER HERE! This giveaway will close in 2 weeks, so enter now! Eligible countries: US, UK, Australia and Canada. Thank you so much to Smile Brilliant for partnering with me for this giveaway and providing Blake and I with our new favorite electric toothbrushes

If you just can't wait to see if you've won the giveaway, you can shop right now with my code for 20% your purchase! Use code: pugsandpearls20

Electric toothbrush not your thing? Smile Brilliant has a ton of other oral health care items. I've already vouched for their whitening system! They've also got a water flosser and custom night guards. You'll have to check back soon for their brand new oral disclosing tablets and oral probiotics which are launching soon! 

We are absolutely loving our new place, especially now that our furniture is here. The air mattress life is a tough one! Expect a lot more rooms in our New Home Tour on the blog soon! We are just putting the finishing touches on a couple spaces, and we have a big project in furnishing my new Etsy studio! Such exciting things! 

Leave a comment below and tell me what the first room you'd get unpacked would be! I'd also love to know if you and your spouse are good at sharing spaces. What room do you want to see in the home tour next? And tell me if you entered the giveaway!!


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