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Weekly Diary #9.2021

Monday, August 23, 2021

It's been awhile since I've done a weekly diary! So, this post contains pictures from more than one week. I'm sure you don't mind. It's been a strange couple of weeks since our move, but it's my goal going forward to be more proactive about documenting our week. 

First up, I finally got to unwrap my new stationary for my Etsy shop! I am obsessed with the pink and red branding I've been using this year. Moving was also a fun excuse to get new address labels. These came from Vistaprint!

I had my shop closed for most of July because of our move and our vacation. My new office set up is still a big experiment, and I'm kind of rusty after my time off, but lots of orders went out this week!

There are several runners in my extended family so we decided to do a virtual family 5k! It was so cute, so I wanted to share in case you wanted to do something similar with your families. Everyone had a week to do their race, and we sent out goodie bags and homemade race bibs.

August is a big anniversary month in our family! My sister and brother in law celebrated 10 years this week! We had a trip to Nashville planned, but got cold feet with the delta variant going around. So we decided to stay a little closer to home and rented a house on the Homosassa River. It's the perfect destination if you enjoy boating. We felt better about it because we could avoid crowds. 

I wanted to share a new to me recipe that was off the charts great! It's a copy cat bang bang shrimp bowl. It was simple, and we couldn't get enough. 

Plan To Eat is a great way to organize your recipes and do your meal plan each week! I only save recipes we love, and this one definitely went in my Plan to Eat account.

We went out with some friends for the first time in forever, and I got a new top for the occasion! Old Navy has some really great options right now. (I also got my favorite dress!!) Loved this blue and white top that I feel is easy to dress up and down. 

For part of my sister's anniversary presents, I got her this Bogg Bag. Have you seen these?! They are apparently very difficult to find right now, but I picked this one up on Mercari and dressed it up a little with some ribbon and a monogram. It turned out so stinkin cute, I really wanted to keep it. 😂
Wanted to mention it because this is a great gift idea! These bags are completely waterproof, so they are perfect for the beach or boat. They seem to be sold out, unless you find a local boutique or find one on Ebay

And finally, I wanted to remind you to ENTER THE GIVEAWAY in my previous post! This toothbrush is a game changer, and we are both loving them! 

Happy Monday friends!


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