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New House Tour: My Office & Guest Room

Thursday, August 26, 2021

I hesitate to share this room, because I feel that it is very much still a work in progress. But, I am just tickled with how it's going, so I had to share! Upstairs, we have 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. One of these rooms we knew would be a guest room, and the other an office. 
As we were moving in it became clear that we were going to be pretty crowded sharing an office space. It worked out perfectly to combine our guest room and my office/Etsy space into the larger of the two bedrooms. 

Here's a few features I love:

- The tiny window above the bed! I don't know why, but I love this little window so much.

- Two closets! This is the main reason I knew this space would work out well with two functions. One closet contains all of my crafting supplies and shipping materials for my Etsy shop. The other is basically empty and will be perfect for guests to use. I'm using that closet to store our air mattress and other things pertaining to guests anyway. 

- The alcove fits my desk like a glove! I will admit, going down to one desk has been an adjustment. In our last place we shared an office and had essentially three surfaces/desks for me to spread out on. One is a little tough, but I also hope that this keeps me in check with what I accumulate. 

- Because this is 'my' space, I was really excited to hang up and display my treasures. Like my race bibs and scrapbooks. Some of this stuff had been packed away since selling our house, so it was exciting to see it back out and up. I firmly believe your house should have special things displayed not hidden! 

Decor Decisions:

We were starting essentially starting from scratch with our guest room furniture. The side tables were in our bedroom originally, but we are going in a different direction for our room. I was nervous about the off white on the white walls, but I think it's pretty serene. 

I do think I want to paint in here, I just don't know what color yet. In fact, I loved all the white walls in our new place at first, but I'm seeing how difficult that is to keep pristine - so all the walls might end up with a different shade eventually. 

Because this room is upstairs and our roof does this cute little pitch thing on the outside, this room has some sloping ceilings. I strongly considered doing a day bed in here because I thought it would fit nicely under that. I think that would have worked really well, but I also wanted a larger bed for couples who stay with us. The options for full or queen size day beds are very limited and I really only found one I'd consider. After much debate, we went with a traditional queen. I bought an upholstered headboard and matching bench in this lovely natural linen color that I thought could easily fit into any decor down the line. 

Choosing the bedding was a lot more fun! I will be occupying this room 98% of the time, and guests the other 2%, so I wanted it to be something pretty and somewhat girly. I found this beautiful quilt by Vera Bradley on Wayfair and it's just right. I love the colors so much and it was easy to pull the navy out to accent with. I ordered blue lamps and a navy throw and I feel like it came together really easily! 

Things To Change:

I'm not loving the gray curtains in here. They were some we already had, so I just threw them up there. I think a navy curtain will be a much better fit and tie the room together even more. 

I also think it still needs some art or photo above/around the bed area. The window is so so cute, but it does make decorating a challenge. I'm thinking about hanging something above the side tables? What do you think of that? 

And, I'm still working on my desk. It's functioning fine, it's just not as organized as I'd prefer! 

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