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How I Save Money on Books

Monday, August 30, 2021

Currently, I'm reading book number 70 for the year! I can hardly believe it. Especially because I barely made it to 40 books in 2020. If I keep this up, I may be on track for 100 books this year. 😲 If I were to have purchased every single book I've read in 2021 at full price, I think it's safe to say I would have spent over $700 on reading material. And, that's crazy. 

I'm here today to tell you I have absolutely not spent that much on books. Here's how I save money while reading a lot:


There is no way it would be possible for me to read as much as I do without the library. Specifically the Libby app. All you need is your library card and you can start borrowing ebooks and audiobooks. This is the main way I consume books. Libby works perfectly with my Kindle, which is why it works for me so well. 

Start An Amazon Wishlist

Amazon has deals on books all the time, in fact they have new deals every day! I created a wishlist were I bookmarked certain titles that my library isn't carrying yet. Amazon sends alerts if there is a price drop on an item on your wishlist, so this makes is very easy to grab a book when it's $1 as opposed to $15. For example, I was in the longest wait at the library for The Four Winds this year, and it went on sale on Amazon for the day at $1.99, so I bought it instead! Worth every penny, it was one of the best books I read this year! 

Google Play Books & Opinion Rewards 

Google Opinion Rewards is an app that asks you quick surveys in exchange for a couple of cents you can redeem in the Google Play Store. Over the last few years I have made $245.06 from answering questions from time to time. I let that money accumulate for a little bit and then spend it on books! Google Play Books has audiobooks and ebooks just like Amazon so there is plenty to choose from. 

Borrowing and Little Libraries

I have a couple of friends who love hardcopies of books, and so it's really fun to get a book passed my way when they are done. Most of the time I am able to pass it on to the next person too. This is a great way to save money, but also be confident a book was actually good! Our city also has dozens of Free Little Libraries scattered around. Every time I see one, I take a peak and see if there is anything worth taking. Of course, you should pay it forward and add a book if you can. 

Leave a comment below and give your tips for saving money on books! Do you prefer ebooks or hard copy books? Have you ever found something good in a Little Library?


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