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Weekly Diary #8.2021

Monday, June 7, 2021

Happy Monday everyone! Gosh, it's been a *week*. I'll be honest, I'm not on my game and feeling super off. My anxiety has been really bad, so I'm hoping to reset this week. A few good things though:

We got an exercise bike!

Like the rest of the world, while under lockdown, home work outs became really crucial. We really wanted to get an exercise bike, but we were divided on what to get. Plus, we knew we'd be moving and didn't want to get a giant bike we'd have trouble relocating. 

Anyways, while Blake had his eye on a Nordic Track...we ended up with something much more basic. Some friends of ours were moving and couldn't take their basically brand new bike with them, so we bought it off them. It's great! We signed up for the Peloton app and have really enjoyed it. It's obviously better if you have an actual Peloton app, but works just fine with what we have. We both have ridden just about every day! 

A fun impulse buy: 

The Unofficial Disney Parks Cookbook

If you are missing Disney, this is the perfect thing to get you through! It's got SO many recipes, including some of the newer items at the parks. A lot of the recipes are quite indulgent, so we are just going to make them sparingly. This would make a great gift for the Disney lovers in your life! 
P.S. it's free right now if you have Kindle Unlimited for the Kindle version! 

Girl's Night Out

This was such a fun evening! We had a fun little group get together for dinner and Painting With A Twist. I did a porch leaner...and it turned out OK. I kept thinking I wish I had my Cricut! Hand lettering was a chore, especially after champagne. 😂

This week's manicure:

I think I mentioned this in my last weekly diary post, but I'm always switching up my nail color. I'm going to try to do a better job of documenting! This was SUCH a fun neon pink that I will be wearing all summer long. 

Revive Order

I just stocked up on a few oils this past week! Revive is my favorite way to get my essential oils. It's not an MLM, but they are great quality and ship free. I lined them up in rainbow order and that made me smile! They don't stay this neat, but it made for a good picture.

If you are new to Revive, here is a $10 coupon for you!

River and Beach Days

Summer is in full swing, and we've managed several days out on the river and a beach day! I wish I was as good as I was when I first started blogging with snapping pictures, but I am also pleased to be more 'in the moment' too. I did snap this one of our cooler because we started a Brewery sticker collection...

Just a reminder that this was definitely a highlight reel of the last week or two, not everything is picture perfect! Like I said, I really need a fresh start this week! I hope you all are doing well and have a fantastic week ahead! 


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