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Tuesday, May 25, 2021

I was going through our order history on Amazon recently, and had to laugh at how random it was! But, isn't that the best part about Amazon? Being able to find literally anything you could possibly want on one website. While I was scrolling, I thought, wow there are actually some really good finds in here. So, I thought I'd share what we've gotten from Amazon recently today!

Olive Oil Sprayer

This sprayer is a perfect replacement to traditional aerosol cooking sprays. You can fill it with whatever oil you'd like. This was something that I didn't know I needed until I got it! I use it to spray pans before sautéing, and I use it to spray salads. It keeps your portions just right and saves oil in the long run.

Electric Kettle

I should have ordered this last fall so I could have gotten the most use out of it through the fall and winter! An electric kettle has been on my wish list forever, but not something I really felt like I needed. I saw this affordable one on Amazon and finally pulled the trigger. Making cup of hot tea has never been easier!

Drying Stand

We made the swap to reusable zip lock style bags a few years ago, and washing them has been slightly inconvenient. Mainly because they are difficult to prop open to dry. This little stand was a game changer! It's so simple, but works perfectly for drying out bags or cups...anything really!

Laptop Backpack

With my new role at the office, I am working on a laptop most of the time. Great for work from home days because I can work outside or on the couch! But, I also have to tote in my computer into the office certain days. I tried to use a beach bag I already had for this, but it really wasn't ideal at all. Found this cheap, but cute backpack on Amazon and we are good to go.

Pink Keyboard and Mouse | Laptop Stand

These two items go hand in hand. I do like being a bit portable with a laptop, but there are lots of times when I need to concentrate at a desk. I felt so hunched over typing away on my laptop, I got a laptop stand and then a wireless keyboard and mouse to help with my posture. This shade of pink has become a go to color for me. If you have to have accessories, might as well make them fun! Bonus points that this keyboard is Bluetooth and you can add it to multiple devices.

Sunglasses Straps

With summer upon us, I am wearing my sunglasses all the time. It's really nice to have a strap to keep them nearby. Admittedly, I have a really bad habit of taking off my glasses and forgetting where I set them down. This pack of like 10 straps was so inexpensive and I love all the fun color combos.

Fitbit Bands

I've had my Fitbit for over a year, and wearing it everyday made the band really gross. I think what really did it in was wearing it while doing yard work. I bought this replacement band pack and won't need another one for a long time! The color options were fun, but I'm starting off wearing the navy. Surprise, surprise.

Rechargeable Lighter

File this under things I won't have to buy again! This is a rechargeable lighter for candles or whatever you need to light. Super cool idea, and fairly simple to use.

Spiru-Tein Protein Shake

Normally, I make breakfast everyday. Usually some kind of eggs! There are days though, when I am rushing out the door and don't have time to get the kitchen dirty. Queue a protein shake! I had already tried this brand in the past, so I knew it'd be good. Definitely recommend blending with a frozen banana!

Casual Dress

Who doesn't love a good casual dress? Especially in the summer, I really gravitate towards comfy dresses. This one is really cute and easy to dress up and down. Fair warning it is probably coming from China and will take a month to arrive.

Star Wars Tank

I think I was inspired by May the 4th, but I felt like I needed a new Star Wars tank top in my life. This one had cute colors and of course I got navy.

Alba Botanicals SPF 50

During the summer, I actually have this on Subscribe and Save! We go through a lot of sunscreen in Florida, so it's nice to always have a stash. This is my favorite! Ultimately, I'd like a completely clean sunscreen-but it's really hard not to get one that turns you completely white with zinc. It's not even so much that my skin is white, but it's that it gets all over your suit too. Anyway, this one is great and claims to be plant based and cruelty free.

Leave a comment below and tell me what you've ordered from Amazon recently!


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