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I have to say when I wrote my favorite posts of 2019 last January, I never expected 2020 to turn out like it did. Of course no one did, but I can't help but reflect. 2020 was full of surprises!

Even though so much has gone wrong this year, I have to say, a lot has gone right! When we were forced to stay home, all of our priorities shone through. It re-centered our focus and helped us find happiness in the little things. I have not hated the slower pace! Honestly, I hope our schedule mimics 2020s more than 2019. 

My Favorite Posts of 2020

Monday, December 28, 2020

While not meaning to fall of the face of the blogosphere, I'm sort of glad I did! My last post was almost exactly one month ago. My blogging break was an accident, but honestly I think I need to do it more often. In short, my real job has been non-stop for months, we were in the processes of selling our house and moving, and I just got burned out. Sometimes you just need to refill your cup, ya know? So, that's what I've been concentrating on. Cooking yummy meals at home, going to bed earlier and trying to focus on what was absolutely necessary.  My future posts might still be irregular, but I wanted to pop in and say Hey! 

December Update

Monday, December 21, 2020


Hi friends! I'm Kristen, and this is the Life and Style of an early 30's Floridian living the Best Life Ever, with her husband and three pugs. Runner | Avid Reader | Small Shop Owner

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