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My Favorite Posts of 2019

Monday, December 30, 2019

I look forward to doing a round up of all my favorite posts each year! It's a fun excuse to go back and read through the things I've written. Sometimes I'm surprised to see a photo and realize it happened this year, when it feels like a lifetime ago. 

2019 was filled with great trips, fun crafts and plenty of pug pictures! It was also the year of my rebrand from Pugs and Pearls to! Super exciting and I feel like that little makeover re-inspired me. Blogging under my own name just feels right.

What's interesting though, is when I started selecting favorite posts to share in this round up, I noticed they were all on the same theme. I've never been a niche blogger, but I really talked about simple living a lot this year. That's so reflective of how I felt personally. After a few crazy years, I truly enjoyed getting back to basics and uncomplicated living. What makes me happy is being at home, spending time with friends, and being productive. Not hustling. 

If you are struggling with 'the hustle' I think this round up of posts will truly help you get started on simplifying. Although it's an ongoing journey, the benefits begin right away. 

My Favorite Posts of 2019 |

I kicked things off in the spring with Emily Ley's Simplified Declutter Challenge. I got rid of so much stuff, and documented the whole process in this post. Looking forward to doing this again!

Also in March, I shared 9 ways to simplify your life. These were real, practical ways we've simplified and hopefully some of these strategies can help you too! 

In a post that you guys really responded to, I wrote about surviving a busy season of life. I mentioned how we had some crazy years in the past, and that's not a normal way to live. But, busy seasons are going to happen no matter how hard you try to keep it simple. This post has lots of tips on how to thrive during those months! After a slower end of the year, I know I will need to revisit this post when it gets hectic again. 

Sharing favorite products here on the blog is also something I love to do! I know I'm curious about what's working for others, so I try to do the same. In this post I shared my favorite waste reducing products. Reducing waste is important to me, and I also think it helps keep things simpler. 

Finally, more recently, I shared how I'm working on contentment. You guys loved this post too! Throughout this year, we've obviously been working on simplification-but it's even more challenging to stay that way! Contentment will forever be a challenge for me, but I'm working on it! 

Just for fun, here are a few reader stats from 2019!

My all time most popular post is still how to clean your alex and ani bracelets

My most popular post of 2019 is...

That's a wrap on 2019! Thank you all so much for reading, and following along this year. I'm very excited about 2020, and hopefully that means lots of fun posts in the future. Leave a comment below and tell me what your favorite post was...mine, yours or someone else's! Did you find me this year, or have you been around a little longer?! This was my 5th year blogging!

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