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Thursday Three | 9-3-20

Thursday, September 3, 2020

I've been sharing my monthly Grove orders for the past few months, but I didn't need anything in August so you didn't see a post this past month. Imagine how shocked I was to see a box on my porch! Grove sent me their new fall line to review! It's embarrassing how giddy I was opening this box! Everything in this collection is just stunning. I love the copper details and all the fall scents. Especially the Apple Crisp dish and hand soap. We might be a long way from fall temperatures here, but this definitely got me excited! 

If you are new to Grove you can get a free gift set with my link
P.S. I sell Hand and Dish Soap Labels in my Etsy shop.

Two | Back Massager
So, if being thirty means I have random back and shoulder pain, then I'm right on schedule. It's not really all that random though, I know it's from poor posture and sitting at a desk all day. Most of the time I can work out the knots myself, but after dealing with some terrible tightness for over a week, I caved and bought a back massager from Amazon!

I've been eyeing this particular massager for a long time. It's really highly rated, but I never wanted to spend the money on it. Well, I got desperate enough to order it! It's already helping me. I really love that it feels like actual fingers and hands. Plus the weird arm things help you get it in just the right spot.

Three | Season Color Palettes 
I've been doing a lot of research on 'seasons' lately. My mom, and probably yours, did the color analysis back in the 80s and I've always heard phrases like "I'm a Winter" or whatever, but I never really knew what was behind it. I started researching this on my own when I saw a Youtube video of someone who did this color analysis and showed herself in a color that was in her palette, and then one that was not, and I could not believe the difference. 

There is so much information about this out there, but I found it extremely hard to narrow down what 'season' I was. I have warm undertones, but light hair and green eyes so it's not cut and dry. I *think* I have it pinpointed to Soft Autumn. 

It's really cool to see what colors suit you and bring out your features. I would like to do a whole post on this and try on these colors from what I have in my closet!

Leave a comment below and tell me if you've ever done a color analysis! What do you have going on this week? Anything you've finally splurged on? Are you doing fall scents yet?!


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