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Thursday Three | 8-19-20

Thursday, August 20, 2020

One | At Home Pedicures
I've been painting my own nails forever, but it's still nice to go and have a real pedicure. I was already saving pedicures for special occasions, but even more so now. But, my feet were begging for a pedicure! I picked up a few supplies at Walmart, and gave myself an at home pedicure. Complete with soaking my feet in warm soapy water. It was so relaxing and my feet honestly ended up just as soft and groomed as when I go to the salon. The only thing missing is the foot massage, but hey, this was still a simple, cheap treat. 

I also tried out the Essie Gel Quick Dry top coat and it's excellent! The last top coat I tried was so thick I'd almost always end up with sheet marks no matter how long I let them dry. 

Two | New Phone Case
My last phone case ended up being terrible, despite how much I loved the fun orange color. Let's just say I need a really good phone case...I'm not the most graceful person. After ordering another fail on Amazon, I went to Etsy to find something. There are about a gazillion great options on Etsy by the way!
I was feeling fun and ended up ordering this galaxy print case! It's called Space Case. So cute. And they customized it with my initials, which is so very me. 

Three | I cut my hair!
I have been going back and forth for weeks about my hair! Honestly, it probably looks better long, but I just couldn't stand it any more. It's like 1,000 degrees here and I just kept putting it up in a messy bun anyway. I'm loving the shorter styling time and how much less shampoo I need to use. The best part is it's shorter in the back, so it's off my neck!

Happy Thursday everyone! Hope you are having a great week, and that you have something fun planned this weekend. 

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