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Life Lately #9

Monday, January 20, 2020

Ended 2019 in North Carolina 
We love visiting Blake's mom and dad in N.C.! The drive is pretty long, but it's always worth it. We got to spend time with his parents, and family friend's Bill & Connie, who are just the best. It was a lot of relaxing, movie watching, and eating good food.

I also got to go on a few runs in their neighborhood while we were there. It's so nice to run in new places. Changes in scenery really help keep it interesting! It was so cold in the mornings on my runs, but it warmed up to almost 70 degrees in the afternoons. Bummer, because I was really looking forward to wearing all my cold weather gear we never get to wear at home. 

Decided to Make Etsy A Priority
When we got home from North Carolina, I made the decision to give Etsy more of my attention. I've had quite a few sales over the last few months, but I know I could be putting more effort into it. I can make so many things, but I get stuck on how to offer those things for sale. I've been sticking with the easy stuff. Hoping 2020 brings more sales and a genuine side gig. 

Here's a link to my shop:
Included in the new listings are pop socket monograms:

Celebrated With Friends
Unselfishly, of course, I was so excited when two of our friend's announced their pregnancy. I have been dying to make some onesies! Little guy's name is Anderson, so I HAD to make a onesie that said "Anderson Pooper". Necessary even. 

They loved it, and we had a blast at their shower. Yay for coed showers and beer as party favors! A friend is a hobby brewist (is that a thing?) and made them 2 custom batches with adorable labels for the shower.

Made A Fresh Batch Of Laundry Detergent
This is by far one of the best ways we've saved money over the years. This whole jar of powdered detergent will last me most of the year and cost less than $20. I shared my recipe a few years ago, and still use it to this day! It made me happy to make this batch right as the new year started, it felt like fresh start. 

Loving The 1 Second Everyday App
I started this little project in 2017, but fell off the wagon and never finished it. But, I SO wish I had! I still remember very specific moments of that year because of taking the time to record a video. So, I decided Jan 1st was the perfect time to try again.

All you have to do is record a small snippet of your day, and upload it into the app. Then the app will make a video for you mashing all of the 1 second clips together. It's already so cute, and I've only been at it for a few weeks. 

Scored Some Free Shoes
I am SO excited about this. It's a bit of story, but hang in there. 
First of all, like the rest of the blogging world, I have been crushing on Rothy's. I am not about to pay that much for a pair of shoes. I've done it before and realized I'm just as rough on expensive shoes as I am cheap ones. I just get more upset when I ruin the pricey ones. 

Randomly, I found this dupe for Rothys by Sketchers on Amazon recently! I was definitely more comfortable with this price range. I put them in my Amazon wishlist, and waited until I had some spending money. 

When we were in North Carolina (see above) we popped into a Kohl's and I got to try them on. They were priced at Kohls for about $54, but I knew they were slightly cheaper on Amazon. Kohls will price match, but only with a printed flyer, so I decided to get them on Amazon. But, I was happy I got to try them on. 

Amazon even had a $6 coupon, making them around $40. I realized that I had money to cash out on Fetch rewards, and thought, perfect, I will even have a gift card. 

Well, it was a few hours later, on the couch, that I realized I never bought them. So I cashed out my rewards and got on Amazon. The price had dropped to $20!! I don't know why, because they are back up to around $40 as I'm typing this. Maybe they were low on stock or something. Well, guess what, my gift card was for $20. So these shoes were FREE. 

You'll see this picture again, because I'm documenting my outfits this month. 10/10 recommend these shoes, they are so comfy! And like Rothy's they are washable. Even sweeter because they cost me nothing.

This was a great reminder that it pays to be patient and shop around. Always check online prices! And take advantage of money making apps! My current favorites are Fetch and Achievement. 
Fetch works by taking pictures of your shopping receipts. You get points for buying certain brands, and for just uploading a receipt. Please use my code when you sign up! DCHUC , use it and you'll get an extra 2000 points. (10,000 points = $10) 


Achievement is another rewards app. You get points for health related activities. It's completely effortless because I've linked my Fitbit app and MyFitnessPal to it and automatically get points. Again, it's 10,000 points to a $10 gift card.

Free money people! It's so exciting to get a gift card for something you'd be doing anyway. Leave a comment below and tell me what's new with you! How's your 2020 shaping up?! Do you use any cool money making apps? What do you think about documenting 1 second of everyday?

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