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The Time We Ended Up In The Back of A Cop Car

Monday, January 13, 2020

It's Story Time!
Sorry, for the clickbait title, but I just had to share something crazy that happened to us recently! We really did end up in the back of a police car. 

Last month, on a Saturday, Blake and I were running around trying to get ready for a congregation get-together that we were organizing. There was so much to do that morning that I wasn't able to get in the shower until about 11:30, and we were supposed to meet the group to set up at 1. Blake was so helpful, and he ran out to the grocery store while I got myself dressed. 

Story Time: Finding a lost girl |

I was in the back of the house when I heard him pull up and start unloading the groceries. All three pugs ran out after him, which is totally typical. They will just follow him back inside, normally. This time though, I heard all three of them start barking. I knew it must be a pedestrian or some guy on a bike they were barking at. I was putting on makeup but, I thought I'd better go out and see if Blake needed help getting them back inside. 

He had 2 out of 3 of the pugs back inside by the time I got to the front door. He said they were barking at some little girl. That made me pause, and say, just a little girl? He said yes, and I went out to see a small girl marching down the street. She was booking it, because she had just been in front of our house, and now she was almost to the end of the street. 

I realized really quickly that she was way too little to be by herself. We surveyed the street, and there were no other people to be found. I tried to call out to her, but she was too far away already. It took a few seconds for us to decide what to do, but it was clear we needed to do something.

We jumped in the car, and quickly caught up to her. By now she had started down the other street. I rolled down my window and said something to her, I don't remember what. She quickly melted and started crying. She told me she wanted her mom, but didn't know where she was. 

I jumped out and kneeled down to hug her. Aunt mode kicked in hard. I quickly told her my name and that I was her new friend and I knew a police man that could help us. She told me her name, which I won't say here, but I'll call her 'A'. A told me she was 4 years old and that she lived in a white house. We called the police station and told them the situation. It took them awhile to find us because we were on a side street with no houses. 

While we were waiting on the police, I sat down and became instant BFFs with my new friend A. She told me all about Frozen, and how she wanted to be a singer when she grew up. I tried to ask questions here and there to see if I could figure out where she came from, or even why she was by herself.

I gathered that she was being babysat by her Grandpa and that she was mad at him, so she left. She also was adamant she did not want to go back there. 

Right before the police officer pulled up, A told me she needed to go potty! I told the officer that we lived just a few houses down and he was totally cool with going there. A did not want to ride with him, she insisted on going with me. I was her new friend after all. 

I helped her go to the bathroom, and got her a snack. Told you, I was in Aunt mode. Meanwhile,
Blake answered all of the officer's questions. The officer told us they had no reports of anyone missing yet, and their best idea was to drive around and see if she recognized anything. A did not want to go without me, and the officers agreed that was just fine. (I think they were relieved to have someone to help. I'm still not sure why they didn't send a female officer.) 

So, that's how we ended up in the back of a cop car! She sat up front with the officer and he let her hold his old radio that didn't work. She was having a blast, it was so funny. I don't think she wanted to go home in the first place, and especially not now that she was having a grand adventure. 

We rode around our neighborhood and saw approximately a dozen white houses that she didn't recognize. My thoughts were so torn. I knew we needed to be leaving for our party, after all I had almost all of the supplies. But, also so confused, scared and worried for this little girl.

Finally, after a full hour, a 911 call had been made and we had an address. A was staying at her Grandpa's house only a few houses down from ours. It was a white house, but it was completely behind another house, so we never knew it was there. He had fallen asleep, and was deaf, so he had no idea she had gotten out. 

A's mom was so upset. She was about to have a full panic attack (understandably.), I tried to comfort her in anyway that I could. A was only by herself for a few minutes, and she was completely fine. The relief among the group was tangible. 

We said goodbye to A, and told her she could come and visit anytime, as long as she asked permission first! I was also thrilled that the officers stayed to question the family for quite a while. They wanted to know exactly how she got out and why she was so upset at her Grandpa. (I have my own theories, but we will let the police do their job.) 

They were still talking to the family when we left for our party. A doesn't live there, so I haven't seen her since, and I sort of doubt Grandpa is going to be babysitting anytime soon. 

I can't explain how emotionally exhausted I was for the rest of the day. She wasn't my child, and she wasn't in danger, but I just felt so devoted and attached to her situation. I can't help but think that if we didn't find her that day, what on earth could have happened. She was missing for an hour before they called the police. Where we live, she could have been across state lines in less time than that! In any case, I am just relieved that it was us that found her. 

Alright, was my clickbait title worth it?! Leave a comment below and tell me if anything like this has ever happened to you! I'd like to know what you would have done in the same situation. 

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