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Favorite Waste Reducing Products

Monday, July 8, 2019

While I don't ever think I will be a zero waste guru, I am always very happy to find alternatives to single use plastics! Wastefulness bothers me, and additionally I find it so much simpler if I can eliminate something that always needs replacing. In this little quest, I've found a few things that have quickly become my favorite ways to reduce waste.

Favorite Products That Help Reduce Waste |

9 Products that help me reduce waste:

Bee's Wrap Reusable Cling Wrap |

The first item on my list is not cheap, but I feel like it's 100% worth it. To replace cling wrap, I picked up this reusable beeswax wrap. It's washable and sustainable! It works best when you warm up the wax in your hands. I don't use this very often but it's perfect for when your bowl doesn't have a lid or you need to transport some food to a party. The one downside is this wrap won't last forever, but when it's time to replace it you won't have to worry about this wrap sitting in a landfill. 

These cute little bags are so versatile! Not only do I use them to store leftover food, they are great for packing lunches and for travel! I use the large size to pack my toiletries. These are dishwasher safe as well, which makes them very reusable. We don't have a dishwasher, but hand washing them is just as easy. 

(Link above is for Amazon, but I got variety pack from Grove Collaborative. If you aren't a Grove member you can use my link to sign up and get a free 5 piece gift set when you make your first order.) 

Make Up Remover Towel | Waste Reducing Products |

Instead of using makeup removing towelettes, I started using this makeup removing towel. It works with water and definitely takes off most of your makeup. Sometimes I still need to use a little coconut oil to remove my waterproof mascara. Recently, I started using the Burt's Bees mascara and it comes right off! I've had this towel for years now, and as you can see it's been well used. 

This was such a great find! I use cotton rounds every day to apply toner, and I always felt guilty about how often I was buying them. Cotton is probably not the worst thing to throw away, but I am all about eliminating something from the grocery budget! These reusable cotton pads are made of a terry cloth material and are completely washable. Super happy with them! 

Cloth Napkins and Other Waste Reducing Products |

Reducing the amount of paper towels we use was a huge victory for me! I feel very proud about that. The main reason we've been successful with that is because we have a clean kitchen towel right by the sink every day. Sometimes you still need a paper towel, but the amount we use is very minimal. Another time we are tempted to use paper towels is at dinner time. I purchased these cloth napkins and have had no problems switching from paper! We leave a small hamper by the back door to collect used napkins and dish towels. Once it's full I'll do a load of washing. It was an incredibly easy swap!

Wool Dryer Balls and Other Waste Reducing Products |

Another painless swap is to use dryer balls instead of dryer sheets! Just throw 2 or 3 balls into your dryer and run like normal. The balls help reduce static and separate your clothes for better drying. If you miss the dryer sheet smell, just add a few drops of essential oil to the balls and that really makes your laundry smell lovely!

Photo from
I just mentioned these in a Currently Loving post, but they are definitely worth mentioning again. These period underwear are a perfect way to reduce waste. I use them mainly as a back up, but some styles can hold a whole tampon worth of blood. I highly recommend doing the cycle sets, because you get a discount the more pairs you buy. (plus you'll get $10 off when you use my link) The return process could not be easier if you need to exchange for a different size. 

Silicone Straws and Other Waste Reducing Product Ideas |

Almost didn't include reusable straws because isn't everyone using these now? But, I wanted to share our favorite ones. These straws come in such cute colors and couldn't be easier to clean. (Remember that's important to those of us without a dishwasher!) Our niece and nephews love picking out their favorite color when they come over, which I think is so fun. 

Reusable Produce Bags and other earth friendly swaps |

Another really easy swap are these reusable produce bags for the grocery store! A much better alternative to those plastic baggies that are provided. I love these because they are washable and transparent enough the cashier can see what you are buying. The weight of the bag is listed on the tag so they can easily weigh your produce. 

Your Turn to Weigh In! Leave a comment below and tell me the simple strategies you have to reduce waste! Are you a big recycler, or even a composter? What swaps did you make that were easy? How about swaps that were hard?
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