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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

One | Fancy Cups!
I shared one cup that my friend Dana made for me recently, but I had already asked her to make two more! She can take a cup you already have (which is what we did) and make it completely over. I chose a Disney themed cup for myself. We love Disney, but the fireworks are especially special to me because that's where Blake proposed to me! Blake's cup turned out so sick. Guys are hard to design for, but she knocked it out of the park. Dana is awesome to work with, and I know she'd love it if I sent you her way.

Two | Matching Duck Boots
I also shared the duck boots I purchased recently, and my sister bought some of her own. We have had exactly one cold day here so far and we were thrilled to bust them out. It warmed up significantly though and I had to change. It's funny, we used to hate matching growing up but now we do it all the time.

Three | The Escape Game
Doing an escape room has been at the top of my list for the longest time! We got a group together and went to The Escape Game in Jacksonville. It was a blast! Everyone was able to participate and were a valuable member of the team. We finished in something like 55 minutes, and you only have an hour. It was thrilling. 

Four | Kennedy Space Center
I haven't visited the KSC since I was still a teenager, and Blake had never been before. I've been wanting to take him because he is a space enthusiast. We were staying in Central Florida for a weekend so we decided to do a day trip to Titusville. We had no idea there was a launch that morning and we missed it by 3 minutes!! I was so bummed, but we still had a lovely day. The space center is very interesting. It is a great option for a field trip. Tons and tons of shows. 

Five | Kiss Press On Nails
I've heard such good things about how budget friendly, and great quality press on nails have become. I remember trying them in middle school maybe? But, anyway, gave them a shot and have been really impressed! The trick is buffing your nails really well so that the glue has something to stick to. They look really good, and I feel like they will look even better next time because I will be better practiced. I love that you can trim and cut them into the shape you want. And these suckers are on really on there!

I can't find the exact nail style I bought on Amazon, but I purchased these at Walmart. Each pack is about $8, and you can get more than one manicure out of it. 

Leave a comment below and let me know what's up in your life! Have you ever tried an escape room or press on nails!?
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