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Time For A Change: Master Bedroom Make-Over

Monday, April 24, 2017

Before Blake and I got married in 2010, my parents helped me move all of my furniture to what was going to be my new house. I didn't have a lot of furniture, but I did have a great bedroom suite that I loved. And since Blake was still using his childhood was a good thing I did. 

We loaded it up on my Pop's trailer and moved it in. It made it all in one piece! I picked the wall I wanted the bed on and happily made it with the sheet set we had just gotten at our wedding shower. My friends had helped us paint the room the week before, and as soon as I got the furniture in there, it was the first room I 'finished' in the house.

Aside from a new comforter set a little down the line, that room hasn't changed at all! But, after 7 years we thought it was time for a change! That's not unusual for me. I'm always thinking about what I want to update and what I want move around. While I would have liked to change this room up, there were other areas of the house I felt needed more immediate attention. It wasn't until Blake said something about moving our furniture around that I actually entertained the idea.

We talked about how we could rearrange the furniture, but there was really only one way we could actually see it working. After thinking about it I knew that would mean a lot more work than I felt like doing. If we were going to rearrange, we would need to move the tv, and that would require patching some holes, which would mean painting...

It just seemed like a lot of work and we both agreed just to leave it as it was. Then, I made a huge mistake! I complained about the TV in our bedroom. It's really small, and I was actually having a really hard time reading any of the titles on Netflix without my glasses. I know I'm going to fall asleep 10 minutes into the movie anyway so I did not want to wear my glasses in bed! First world problems!

Anytime I complain about our technology Blake takes it as permission to upgrade! He found a great deal on a 4K TV, but it was going to be too big for the spot the old tv was in. All of this is the long story leading up to why we finally decided to change our room up! 

Before we bought the TV we made sure the configuration of the room was actually going to work. We loved it! The room was more functional and we both felt like the change was good for us mentally. It did feel weird the first night because we actually ended up switching sides of the bed. 

After moving things around it was clear that it was the perfect time to paint. The problem was I had NO idea what color to pick. I usually have such vision for this type of thing, but I was drawing a blank. I knew I wanted to go more neutral, but whether that was gray or beige, I didn't know. The linen curtains and bench are beige, so, beige walls might make everything fade away. But do beige and gray actually go together? 

Obviously I overthink everything. I ended up asking some friends for advice and Chabeli sent me this color palette which exactly represented what I wanted. Both beige and gray were in there, and navy is the color I gravitate toward for bedding. Now choosing between the light gray and the one to the right of it was the next challenge, so thank you to Laura and Chabeli for helping me with that! 

It took almost a whole day to get everything painted. Everytime we take on a painting project, I swear I'm going to hire someone next time! I hate cutting in, and with paneled walls there is a lot of that. But I could not be happier with this color! I kept saying how much I love it. I'm glad I had this palette to go off of, because the color is actually called Retro Colonial Blue, and I was going for a gray-so I don't think I would have picked it myself. 

One of my favorite additions to this room is this leaner mirror from Target. I had to drive an hour and a half to a store that still had one in stock, but I'm so happy I did! It fits perfectly on the wall between our walk in closet and our bathroom. We had a little mirror on the wall there before, but this is such an upgrade! 

The TV will go on the wall opposite the bed. I had a few wedding pictures blown up on that wall, but I decided not to relocate them when we took them down. Less is more! We also need to cover the cord hanging off the wall by the bathroom. It wasn't a problem before because that's where our tall dresser and TV were. 

I'm not usually a fan of covering a window with a bed, but sometimes that's just how the room works best. It's actually been really nice not to close the blinds every day. No one can see in, and we get natural light in the mornings. 

Our master bathroom can also use a paint job. It's was redone before I was in the picture and still looks really nice. I would just prefer a more airy color in there since there isn't a window and it can get quite dark. I would SO rather hire someone to do it for me, but it's such a small space I actually think it wouldn't be that bad. 

Leave a comment below with how long you could go before changing up a room! Do you often hesitate to take on a project imagining how much work it will be? And do you also struggle with picking out paint colors?


  1. Damon says he will paint for you if you come set fence posts for him. ;-)

    I love your room!! It came out great. I can't wait to have more paint up at our house.

    1. Haha, if I had any idea how to put up fence posts I'd take that deal in a heartbeat! At most I can provide moral support.
      Thanks for your help with the color! I couldn't love it more.

  2. It looks gorgeous! I love your decorating's so simple and cozy.

    1. Thanks Miranda! Simple and cozy is exactly what I'm going for. Bedrooms should be cozy, but simple keeps it looking nice and decluttered.

  3. Your new bedroom looks awesome!! I love the bedding you choose & the pretty color pallet!

  4. This turned out FAB!!! I want that bed in black, where is it from?!

    1. I got it from Haverty's ages ago, but I just checked their site and it's still there! Just in white. But I could totally see it being gorgeous in black!

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  6. That room looks way better than before. The bedding added some life in your bedroom. And yes, the pug is lovely. Congratulations to this fabulous work.

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