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What I Ate Wednesday

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

It's probably just because I'm really nosey, but I love finding out what people do everyday and what people have on the menu. I'm always asking my sister what she's making for dinner! The day-in-the-life posts are some of my favorites to read. A lot of it is curiosity, but it's also good for inspiration. 

It was really fun to document what I ate on this day, which was not actually a Wednesday - but I'm sharing it on a Wednesday. Typically, I'm really flexible on my calorie intake. Ideally I'll have a deficit. I do eat more on days I'm exercising more. I also have Hypoglycemia, so I have to really be in tune to my body and not hesitate to eat when I'm feeling low. I know the symptoms by now, and I can gauge how long I have to get something in my stomach. 

I literally eat this breakfast every day. I've learned that peanut butter with my breakfast is excellent for keeping my blood sugar regulated and feeling full until lunch. I have whole wheat toast (usually Dave's Killer Bread or Ezekiel Bread) topped with homemade peanut butter and a fruit. Most days I eat a banana on the toast, but this day I had an apple. 490 Calories

Not my plates or my counters! My mom and I exercised before work and I got ready at her house. I got her making her own peanut butter too, so I was happy to see she had some and I could eat my typical breakfast. 

I was so thirsty on my way to a work appointment! I saw there wasn't a line at Chick-Fil-A and grabbed a half sweet/half unsweet tea (my fav) and one of their fruit cups. I love their fruit cups! It's kind of pricey, but the fruit is so cold and crunchy. Fruit isn't usually a go-to snack for me because it burns off so quickly. I either have to eat a lot of it or in conjunction with hummus or peanut butter. But I wasn't worried about that too much today because I was feeling balanced. 165 Calories

My client consultation took much longer than I anticipated so I was really glad I got that fruit cup. Typically I take my lunch to work, but out of convenience I made it a Chipotle day. My co-worker was super jealous and I felt bad I didn't offer to bring him anything. 

I get the same thing every time! A bowl, with brown rice (1 scoop though!), black beans, chicken, mild salsa, guac and lettuce. I really don't understand why guacamole costs extra. Chipotle only has like 5 toppings, so they should take the money they save from that and give you the guac. Whatever, I order it anyway. 670 Calories

For Dinner we made these delicious Greek Pita Pizzas from the Skinnytaste cookbook! They tasted great and they were super colorful. They were kind of physically heavy to hold when you loaded them up with the veggies. We try to do meatless meals throughout the week, and this one is a new favorite. It's totally up my alley - I love greek salads and hummus..and pita! Plus these are only 195 Calories. You could easily make two, but I was actually really full after one.

I rounded out the day with 1520 calories, which is basically my target to consume if I'm not going to exercise that day. It was kinda fun to document my food for you. I'm fairly pleased with this day's diet! I'm working on eating more plant based foods and drinking water. It can be so hard to eat thoughtfully when you're on the go! 

Leave a comment below if you like to read about other people's days and meals! Are you nosey like me? And do you tend to eat and order the same foods all the time?


  1. All of that looks so good! Also, we have a near identical Chipotle order lol! The only difference is that I do the hot sauce. Oh, and I totally agree about the guac.

    1. Yay, Chipotle buddies! I love tomatoes so much, so I've only ever eaten the mild salsa. Too scared to try hot!

  2. I am totally the same, I love knowing what people eat during the day because it always inspires me when I'm trying to figure out what to make during the week. Chipotle is my favorite quick stop if I'm eating out for lunch, I could honestly go there and just eat their chips and salsa.

  3. I seriously love Chipotle, but I feel like shit after I eat it! LOL. It just makes me feel so bloated!!!



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