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A Quick Little DIY

Friday, March 31, 2017

While our neighbors are sprucing up their flower beds and their lawns are starting to green up, we are the last ones the block to make an effort. We have 2 massive oak trees that shed their leaves at the first sign of spring, and then a few weeks later they shed these horrible pollen pods. So it's actually pointless to do anything until that's over. I've wasted a good amount of money re-mulching the beds just to have them ruined by 4 gazillion brown leaves. 

I'm being patient this year! The spring cleaning bug still bit me, so I'm trying to do the few things I can do while I wait. I've done some hedge trimming, minor pressure washing and the quick DIY I'm sharing today! 

My parents always had a killer backyard when I was growing up. My dad slaved over it and we had some really fun BBQ's back there. They sold my childhood home about 2 years ago and moved into a condo. They didn't need outdoor furniture anymore, and while some of it stayed with the house, I inherited these 2 adirondack chairs. 

They were kinda weathered when I got them, but after another year out in the sun they were looking pretty bad. I knew I needed to paint them a long time ago, but finally got around to it this week. 

Picking a color was so challenging! I had a look in mind, but when you get to that wall of paint samples at's mind boggling. I actually ran into a friend at the paint counter and she was really helpful. I went with Sherwin Williams HGTV Home 'Seafarer'


These chairs were in our backyard, but I decided to replace the wicker set that was on our front porch. The wicker set has been fine, but they actually required quite a bit of upkeep for something we rarely sit on. This works so much better!

I'm obviously going for the beach vibe, even though we live a solid hour and a half from the coast. Actually I have a whole front porch makeover planned for the future. We've got to replace the wrought iron railings and columns. But for now I'm happy with the refresh!
I've got these two pieces from Amazon picked out to complete the look. I may even add some outdoor curtains to the side of the porch? (Like this?) Ever since a Realtor described our house as a bungalow, I'm kind of obsessed with the idea. Curtains would add such a beachy look, but it would also give us privacy from our extremely nosey neighbors! Seriously the one across the street literally looks out her window all day and comments on the most specific things we've been up to. Ah, small town probs.

Leave a comment below if you started your spring cleaning! Or if you're the last one on the block to do anything like us. Do you have a hard time picking out paint colors too? Tell me I'm not alone!

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  1. I so want to add curtains to my patio as well... I'm just a little intimidated on how to actually do it :) Some day I'll get to it!



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