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Our Bathroom Remodel - The Before

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Boy, oh boy, have I been waiting for this day! Our guest bathroom has always gotten snickers after our friends would use it. Like everything else in our older home, the bathroom didn't make any sense. There were a few issues, but the one thing everyone commented on was how close the sink was to the toilet. You could sit and wash your hands at the same time! 

It was a pretty typical 1950's bathroom, with it's toothbrush holder and singular color scheme. They come in many colors, but ours was yellow! I found it really difficult to decorate, and just put some random things in there. 

The main reason we finally bit the bullet and started this renovation is pictured in the middle. There was a window in the shower. Like, a full sized window! It wasn't even fogged - I had to use some spray paint to get some kind of privacy. The water from the shower was clearly rotting the windowsill away, and we were getting really worried it went much deeper than the surface. 

To fix the window, we'd have to tear out the shower, and if you are going to do that you have to tear out the wall tiles...and then you might as well do the floor. So, basically it just made sense to start over! And, trust me, I wasn't going to complain about that. There wasn't an exhaust fan, or a ceiling light, so I was eager to add a few new features to the room.

I will do a full recap on all of our new design decisions in The After post. We really did a complete gut and redesign. It doesn't even look like the same house anymore. 

I have to say, I thought I'd really enjoy the demolition. I love the idea, and watching them on HGTV is so motivating. However, when it came down to it, I was so anxious. I did an honorary swing, but I mostly left the work to Blake and my brother in law Bryan. I just didn't want to be the one to find termites, or a dead body, or find out that our house was actually falling down and...well you get the picture. 

Originally we planned to hire a contractor to do all of the work for us. We even had one over to give us a quote, but after almost a year of waiting to get on his schedule, I ended up calling about 4 other local construction companies. Unfortunately for us, the market has changed and contractors are busy! I'm so happy for them, because I know many went hungry for work for a number of years. 

After failing to find a local company, Blake and I finally caved in and asked his dad for help. Blake's dad is a very handy guy. He has such a brain and is a truly a master at anything he does. We felt guilty asking him for help since they live in North Carolina and this wouldn't be a weekend project. He, however, was eager to help, and both of his parents came and stayed with us for over a week to get it done. 

So, I will leave you with a few demo pictures. The guys really worked their butts off to get it all cleaned out before Blake's parents arrived. It's been a crazy journey, and it definitely took longer than I was expecting. But, I could not be happier with our new bathroom! Stay tuned for The After photos!

Leave me a comment: What is your favorite feature of our old bathroom? Was is the proximity of the sink to toilet? The glamorous lighted mirror? The window in the shower? Or, is it that toothbrush holder tile that doesn't fit modern toothbrushes? 

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