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3 Week Old Pug Puppies

Saturday, August 6, 2016

We just got back from our week long vacation, and I can't believe how much my pups have grown! Their eyes opened up just before we left, but while we were gone they started walking. Before they would just scoot around on their bellies. I'm obsessed with them! I can't believe they will already have been around for 3 weeks on Tuesday. 

Here are some pictures I snapped tonight when we got home, and I couldn't wait to share the cuteness. Winston is the fawn/potentially brindle boy, and Fred is the black little [total rolly polly] guy. Gotta love my husband's hairy arm too =]

Couldn't you just squeeze them!?


  1. Are you going to keep both of them?

    1. I really wish I could!! We are going to keep Winston, the fawn one. Fred is going to live with a family member, who lives just down the street!



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