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Friday Five

Friday, July 29, 2016

one// I spent this past weekend in Charlotte with my parents! My dad had a work conference, and I tagged along to hang out with my mom. We stayed at an awesome Sheraton downtown (or uptown I think they call it) hotel. My in-laws also live in Charlotte, so we had fun meeting up with them for dinner and shopping. I felt like such a kid all weekend! I can't tell you how many times I got carded. We joked it was because I was with my mommy and daddy and carried a backpack through the airport.

two// My sister and I randomly decided to go consignment shopping on Wednesday. We both found lots of great things, but I'm really excited about one purchase in particular! I have been searching for a classic Ralph Lauren Short-sleeved Oxford for months. I can't believe it but I found it at Sandy'sbrand new with tags for $15! I love consignment. 
three// Is anybody else watching America's Got Talent?! I haven't really watched a reality competition in years. I think the last one I watched was David Cook v David Archuleta in American Idol a few years ago. I started watching the AGT auditions and I have been blown away by some of these acts! I especially love all the young singers. Seriously raw talent. You have to tell me who you're rooting for!

four// Here is a little bathroom sneak peak I shared on Instagram. We are ALMOST done!! Our goal is to have it completely finished this weekend. After we put in our baseboards we can finally install the toilet. Once that's done all we will have left to do is a little touch up painting. I can't wait to share pictures from the whole project. It's been a long time coming!

five// Okay, I will leave you with a puppy update! My little guys are doing awesome this week. They've gotten so fat. Bailey is a good momma, but it's stressing me out how protective she is when Delly gets near by. I know it's completely normal, and she's got some raging hormones going on. I just feel bad for Dell. We didn't have many places to put the kiddie pool, so unfortunately it's right near the food bowls and our bedroom-both places Delly can't avoid. I know it will get better. 


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  1. Awe! Those pugs! It will get better Pug Mommy (you're a pug mom too).



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