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Piano Bench DIY

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I've been helping out a family friend recently with a few projects around her house. It's actually an ideal job! I get to be a little creative and use my organizational skills. My house will probably never be 'perfect', but I don't get to do dramatic makeovers to it anymore. Well, that's not entirely true, we do have our big guest bathroom reveal coming soon

From organizing linen closets to helping her style her bookshelves, I've been having a lot of fun! One of my favorite projects we've done is recovering her old piano bench. The cushion was flat as a pancake, and covered in a very worn mustard crushed velvet fabric. We picked a new fabric that would match her current coastal chic living room. I chose several swatches for her to pick from, but she gave me the authority to choose. It was so difficult, but I finally ordered a yard of this Sea Horse Fabricin turquoise. 

Here I am playing the piano on the very same seat I recovered! I think I'm about 9 in this photo.

Here is the bench in 2016: 

The real challenge came when I tried to decide how to fluff up the cushion. I didn't want to take the old fabric off, so that was one obstacle. The biggest irritant, though, was how expensive foam cushions are! I thought I'd pick one up at Walmart, but a small roll was about $20. I really wanted to keep this as inexpensive and easy as possible, so that wasn't going to cut it.

Unrelatedly, we upgraded the mattress topperin our guest bedroom around the same time. We replaced one of those cheapy egg-crate ones. In a flash of brilliance, and perfect timing, I grabbed the old foam topper, and sliced it up to fit the bench. It added about 2 inches in cushion, which is exactly what I wanted. Plus it was free!!

The most important step is to iron the fabric so that no creases show up down the middle. After unscrewing the top of the bench, I laid it upside down on top of the upside down fabric and then carefully stretched the fabric around the sides and used a staple gun to secure it. It's really simple, and the corners are just folded like wrapping paper.

So here is the finished bench! The extra cushion really made all the difference. I love recovering stuff like this! It's such a quick refresh, and you can really change the whole look.

Leave me a comment: What do you think?! What's you favorite easy DIY? 

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