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As I type this out, I'm taking what I like to call a Mental Health Break. Today has been a little bit crazy, and I had a blood sugar dip around 11 and I still don't feel right after that. So, I thought I'd carve out a few seconds to get a little bit out of my head and into the bloggerverse. 

A little bit of our life lately: 

- I turned 26! Last Thursday. I think I was a bit dramatic about turning 25. At 26 I feel grounded and stable. I love everything about my life and how I feel about myself at this point. 

- We are a 2 dog household! Bailey has been a really fun addition to our family. She fits in really well. Delly finally acknowledged her existence and they seem to like each other. After a whole day of Bailey not eating anything, we finally figured out she likes wet food. Which is sooo gross, but the girl is growing some puppies in there and she's gotta eat. We get to see the puppies next week, so I will definitely update you about that. Crossing my fingers she isn't due when we are on vacation next month! 

- We are remodeling our bathroom!!! Sooooo many pictures to come! We are about 5 days into the project and hope to have it done by this weekend. I have been wanting to tackle this project since I first laid eyes on it's 1950's glory. It's amazing how many pieces and parts go into such a small space. 

So, having a construction zone and new dog haven't been the most ideal living conditions. Especially because my in-laws are here helping us with the project and we only have one working bathroom. It will be totally worth it in the end, but I have to say I'm going a bit stir crazy. I'm not used to being at home so much for one, and I'm also pretty useless with the technical construction stuff. I know I will be more helpful towards the end with the finishing touches and painting, though. It's also driving me nuts to have my house so messy. It's pointless to even try to tidy up at this point. Definitely not the way I'm used to living! 

Leave me a comment: What do you guys have going on right now? How do you cope when you have so much going on and zero control of it? 

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