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Turn Your Handwriting Into A Font!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

I'm starting to get kind of nervous about completing my 30 before 30 before I actually turn 30...I only have 5 years left and I still have quite a few left! I just checked off number 12 which was to turn my own handwriting into a font! 

It was so fun and only took like 10 minutes. Although I would like to try it again to get a few letters more perfect. I have such a hard time with coloring inside the lines!
Here is how to do it! 

one// Go to this website!
two// Print out the template.
three// Fill out the template doing your best to follow the instructions. I found that a sharpie with a sharp point works best. Stay inside the guidelines! I had to re-do mine a few times to correct my Y and lowercase G. 
four// Scan your template to the computer and upload it. The website will make your font for you.
five// Save it to your computer where your fonts are stored. 
six// Have fun!!

There are so many possibilities! You can create more personal blog images or use your font in Word to add that personal touch. Once it's saved to your computer you can resize or even change the color. 

Leave me a comment: Did you try it? How did your font turn out? 

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